What is Web Hosting?


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What is Web Hosting?When you design a website, it’s represented by a number of files storing in your Winchester disk and staying invisible for public. And if you want to share with your creation, you need to utilize hosting services that afford to put your info on their disks available for outside world but only for browsing and copying. The organization that supplies these services called “hosting provider”.

The web hosting grants resources to post any information in the network. Usually, the technology is included in website maintenance service and involves files publication on the server with special software utilization, which is required for these files request processing.

You can consider hosting as an apartment for website. In general, you see text pages, pictures, audio files or video information while entering the website. All information presented at web-pages, has definite volume and storage space.

At physical level, hosting is provided by powerful computers operation with installed software (such as web-server, data bases etc.) and connected to the Internet over separate high speed channel. This server works within 24 hours, 7 days a week and allow accessing to websites at any time.

Types of web-hosting

  • Free web hosting is absolutely gratuitous for users. Usually, it’s burdened with banner ads spoiled design concept, list of supported technologies is limited, and there is no scripting languages support (as php, asp.net or java).
  • Shared service is the easiest type, it’s cost-effective and suited for small-scale projects. In other words, your website will be located on one web-server among other projects.
  • Virtual dedicated server is a server rent piecemeal. You will receive your own web-server under the full control, but have no ownership title on it. In general, customers can regulate traffic value, data bases or e-mail boxes numbers.
  • When it comes to dedicated hosting service, an occupied server will be under your full control. This type of web-hosting is composed of customer self-service or hosting administrators’ services at additional charge. But if a customer has full administrating access, he holds responsibility for security and server support.
  • Managed service grants a private resource, but with restricted access to its management. Hosting provider is responsible for basic settings and general technical support. Organization guarantees quality of service avoiding potentially dangerous configuration problems.
  • Collocation web hosting is a powerful and expensive service. Provider does not support the server, but provides electricity, the Internet access and server’s rack.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) splits server’s resources and makes them independent from supporting hardware.
  • Cloud hosting offers a large number of servers that allow scaling all resources according to your requests. In this way, cloud hosting is a reliable and fail-active service with almost unbounded scalability.

It’s an important and demanding challenge to choose high-quality hosting, because this choice has a direct impact to your internet project’s quality. Make sure your hosting provider is reliable and sustainable, choose an appropriate tariff as dictated by hardware and program requirements.

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