What is a user agent?


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What is a user agent?Definition

It is not a person who represents your interests as a customer. Being an application or a computer program, your Internet accessing is deeply reliant on the tool. When you are trying to visit a website the tool connect you with it. Accessing remotely to different computers or servers (as a rule) through the network the app is called a ‘user agent’.

The connection establishing between you and a website is often identified as a client to server connection. The entire Internet works for this very reason. The thing is that your computer’s as well as a websites’ programs are able to ‘communicate’ by using some protocols.

How does it work?

Every time you formulate and enter the text into a search line, the request is sent to a website you trying to get access to. Access to a website is simultaneously asked for as the text is identified as a user agent.

Some specific data is included in the process:

⇒Your browser’s name and version;

⇒Operation system you use and language. For example:

From the history

Being young the Internet has been used through few mainstream browsers and only these leading versions were compatible with many servers in the web. If the version of a browser was unfamiliar the answer to a textual request was given half fully or incomplete information was used for the request. In most of such cases a customer was denied in accessing to the Internet.

Therefore, textual request was impersonated by other browser’s developers to compete with the mainstream ones and be accepted by a website. User agent spoofing was it called by the developers.

Today, as you know, all requests presented from any browser are accepted. As computer usage has been promoted no limited sharing information based on browser differing exists. The term is a highly important concept for your Internet surfing. As if you are signalizing that you need access to some websites and resources when applying it.  

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