What is SSL?


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What is SSL?Definition

A protected relation interstaged between a server and a browser, which is established with the help of this protocol (Secure Socket Layer). The privacy and integrity of any data is ensured for all the transferring data between these two ‘points’. Online transactions of million users with their customers are protected by using the technical solution.

The same-name certificate is required by a server for a secure connection establishing. Number of questions regarding your website and company’s identity are to be required when SSL is asked to be activated on your web server. After that a private and a public key are created by your server.

The second one doesn’t require privacy, therefore it is put into a file containing your other details. After that the file should be submitted. Having waited for the application process fulfillment, the protocol can be used for your work. Your private key will be matched with the issued certificate. After that the encrypted link can be authorized between your computer and your clients’.

Your customers aren’t able to look for the complexities of the protocol, but still a key indicator (a lock icon) is provided for them to understand they are protected. Your certificate details can be looked through by a customer while clicking the ‘lock’.

Your domain name, company’s name, your address, your city, your state and your country are to be visible to customers while clicking the icon. The expiration date and the authority’s responsible for issuing the protocol’s name are to be also mentioned there and can be viewed by any customer visiting your website.

Let’s have a look at one of the authorities’ presented variant of (‘basic’ the name of the plan) SSL.  

A high level of encryption can be achieved by you at an affordable price ($30 per a year), which seems to be lower than even a year subscription to an average VPN service for a year. Quick and easy automated validation is provided by a supplier and is stated to protect a single domain by a dedicated address usage. A successful validation is to take little time and to allow secure traffic flowing through a protected layer.

How to choose a SSL provider?

In order to save your time, money and the glial cells of your brain you need to know some essential secrets:

  • The highest browser compatibility should be provided;
  • Server licenses and key pair should be limitless;
  • 2048-bit encryption key and money-back is a good practice for your business.

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