What is smart DNS?


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What is smart DNS?Definition

It’s when your traffic is transferred through another uncommon route while your ordinary path is ‘empty’. Data about your geographical location is collected by the server and is rerouted through a computer server. Such servers are offered by special providers and are placed in the areas where the inaccessible resource available for customers. Therefore, you can get an access to a geo-restricted content or to some websites unavailable for connecting to in your region or country. Thus any user subscribed to the service can receive access to the content placed on the other side of the world.

How to install it?

A smart DNS is easily installing and doesn’t require setting up some other party’s applications o your computer or any other connected gadget:

  • You should be registered with a smart DNS server provider.
  • DNS settings on your gadget should be changed.
  • The server should be connected by you.
  • Bypass all the restrictions.

Smart DNS


For determining your geographical location a special protocol is used for rerouting your traffic.

Encryption is not provided by the tool.

A genuine address is not hidden.

The speed rank is better due to lack of encryption.

If you need to stay safe online absolutely unidentified the variant is not suitable for you.

For masking your true address a set of protocols are used for creating a secure tunneling.

A deeply protective encryption is provided.

Your genuine address is hidden under one of the listed servers’.

The speed performance may suffer from encryption process taking much time.

If you need a strong level of protection despite accessing to some restricted materials, the service is suitable for you.

So, as you have noticed there are some essential differences between the services. Thus, the second one is known to be more useful for business during long-lasting terms, when the first one is perfect for using in countries with no vivid censorship for accessing to some geo-restricted resources.

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