What is P2P?


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What is P2P?Definition

A communication model of a broad sense where either of the participants can take up a conversable initiative. Despite using server/client model, in this case each of the nodes can act as a client and as a server simultaneously. Network traffic can be routed through an anonymized tunnel with the help of the system. A distributed storage can be also maintained. Nevertheless the system has generated such problems as piracy and copyright violation, which are associated with popular file-sharing sies, like The Pirate Bay. Different multiple operations can be controlled by one of the participants.

What is P2P architecture?

It is a computer network where the possibilities of the workstations are the same. But in this very case it may be presented by a software program (torrent client) where each component may fulfill the same functions on a fifty-fifty basis.

Content distribution programs are the main type of the programs, which are used for streaming various content and peer casting. 

There are three types of the architecture: pure, hybrid and centralized.

P2P security

In keeping with the latest data on the topic, the main threat for the technology is concluded in roles of the nodes. As soon as the ends play both roles, one of the nodes can be infected therefore spread malware further on the net. Therefore the main danger comes from ‘routing attacks’, which are to make a false routing. For example, when looking for a favorite website you will be redirected to a false one or will simply get a false result. Incorrect updates coming from routing can also damage your system, when false data is sent for a request. Moreover, there are such cases when using your system vulnerabilities a third node can be connected to your operating.

Privacy and anonymity are highly estimated by several P2P networks, which are to ensure the clients that any content when being sent on the net will not be eavesdropped or intercepted by adversaries. This seems to be possible due to concealing of user’s identities.

What is the difference between P2P and F2F?

Coming from the latest data, there is a new kind of network, titled as F2F where ‘F’ stands for ‘friend’. So, the aims of the network usage are practically the same, because both nodes can act for two roles in concert. Therefore F2F is considered to be one of P2P types. The difference is that direct connections can be made with people whom you know only. In order to pass the process of authentication, therefore network protection, a key or signature can be used. In addition, other people participating beyond the friend’s network can’t be identified by the group. Such type of a net seems to be useful as anonymous communication between friends is provided. Nowadays, another even more popular data transfer technology is applied. It is known as bittorent protocol and integrated into BitTorrent clients.

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