What is an IPv6 address?


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What is an IPv6 address?IPv6 address is a key number applied for network interface identification of net nodes operating in IPv6 network.

The sixth version of Internet Protocol is an advanced IP release designed to solve all problems facing previous IPv4 system with the usage of 128-bit address size instead of 32-bit. If we suppose that all IPv4 addresses fit in iPod, then IPv6 requires all the globe!

When the IPv4 address area will be occupied, two protocols suites of IPv6 and IPv4 will be used on a simultaneous basis with gradual increase of IPv6 traffic utilization. This will be due to daily usage of deprecated devices unsupported IPv6 and required special transformation for successive operation with IPv6-based tools.

How do IPv6 addresses look like?

IPv6 addresses are presented by eight blokes of hexadecimal numbers from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF devised by two-spots.

  • Example:


  • Leading 0 can be omitted:


  • Blokes can be simplified if they contain 0 and replaced with double two-spots but for once only:


  • If there are two banks of 0, we cancel the larger one:

2001:0:0:aa:0:0:0:1 -> 2001:0:0aa::1

  • But if these banks are equal, we simplify the left block:

2001:db8:0:0:aa:0:0:1 -> 2001:db8::aa:0:0:1

In such simple way all IPv6 addresses are recorded.

IPv6 addresses classification

  1. Unicast addresses recognize one network interface only. IPv6 protocol serves data packages transmitted to such direction or concrete interface.
  2. Anycast addresses are fixed for interfaces groups that usually appertain to various nodes. Transmitted package is delivered to one of the interface devices, closure to the sender within relation to routing protocol.
  3. Multicast addresses are served by group of nodes too, but the package will be delivered for every member.

IPv6 does not perform broadcast addresses. Traditional broadcasting role is actualized through multicasting to special location, but it’s not recommended to use.

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