What is Ipconfig utility?


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What is Ipconfig utility? Internet Protocol configuration utility is one of the most important system utility program entered in command line for net interfaces management. The command is applicable for displaying TCP/IP current settings and several parameters updating which set under automatic configuration of net interfaces by using DHCP.

In Microsoft operation systems ipconfig is particularly used after DHCP server configuration connecting and monitoring client’s services. It recognizes received configuration values with DHCP and APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addresses) assistance or other services of IP configuration.

In Mac systems ipconfig cooperates with other utilities as an environment to IPConfiguration agent and used for controlling DHCP client.

Ipconfig limits

  • If a name of network adapter contains space elements, it’s enclosed within quotation marks and written as “name of adapter”.

  • Adapter name allows usage of * symbol if TCP/IP protocol is included in its options.

* - is any name

Local* - adapter name started with “Local”

*net* - name contains line “net”

Command line parameters

/all – displays full-length information about all adapters and their configurations.

/release – disables TCP/IP protocol for adapters configurated for automated IP addresses receiving. This key deletes IPv4 address from noted device.

/release6 – erases IPv6 address from client’s adapter.

/renew – refreshes IP address for all adapters or for specified adapter if necessaries actions were taken.

/renew6 – is similar to /renew command, but deals with IPv6 addresses.

/flushdns – cleans DNS cash.

/regisrerdns – updates all registered DHCP addresses and reregisters DNS names.

/displaydns – displays DNS cash content.

/showclassid- displays code of DHCP class of specified adapter. It’s available under configurated automated IP address receiving.

/showclassid6 – shows all available identifiers of IPv6 DHCP classes for the adapter.

/setclassid – changes DHCP class code. Its terms and conditions of use are similar to /showclassid.

/setclassid6 – modifies identifier of IPv6 DHCP class.

/? – outputs help message.  

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