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What is HTTP/HTTPS?Definitions

HTTP is a system of rules used for giving different commands to a web server. It is also called a stateless due to the fact that all the commands are accomplished separately. HTTPS is a secure version of the previous protocol, which is widely used all over the web by bank sites and other privacy centered on the visitors protection.

How does HTTPS operate?

To encrypt communications SSL or TLS are usually used. PKI system is used for that purpose. Two keys are used by the system. Therefore any content encrypted with a public key can be decrypted with a private one only.

How to understand the website is ‘protected’?   

When a website uses the protocol the color of its look is green (https:).

Pluses of HTTPS usage

  • All the data transferred while using the system is encrypted thus locked from any interceptions.
  • You are verified by visitors as a registered business representative and the domain is possessed by you.
  • It is more likely to visitors to purchase some services or products from you as they trust that you are security concerned distributor.

Did you know?

In fact the protocol was created in 1994 for a web browser known as Netscape Navigator. SSL was used by the system originally. The current version of the system was stated in 2000.

How to use it?

If you want to visit sites, which support the protocol, you can surf for them manually or make some settings in your browser (hhtps everywhere for fireforx and chrome) to identify the protocol used by a website before entering it. But you need to be attentive as some extensions can be automatically switched off each time you restart your sessions.

The protocol is awaited to be applied by all the websites.

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