What is hostname?


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What is hostname?Definition

In order to distinguish one thing from another a name or label is used. To differentiate one machine (computer) from another to network communication allowance hostname are used. Unique addresses are being constantly used by computers to ‘talk’ to each other. It is a simple string of alphanumeric symbols or FQDN (fully qualified domain name) that serves as an identification of a hooked-up to the Internet computer. A set of numbers is a true ‘name’ assigned to a connected device. It consists of a host name and a domain name.

‘How to name your computer’ guide:

In order to create a good hostname you should keep up to some simple rules, such as:

  • You should choose infrequently used words.
  • You should select words relevant to the topic.
  • You should use actually existing words.
  • Hostnames of others can be reused.

There are also some mistakes that shouldn’t be made while giving a name to your host:

  • Other terms, which are already in use shouldn’t be overloadedby you.
  • Your own name shouldn’t be used for that purpose.
  • Long names should be avoided.
  • Alternate spellings like (travelling/traveling) should be also avoided.
  • Domain names should be excluded as well as domain-like names.
  • Embarrassing names shouldn’t be used either.
  • Digits at the beginning of the name should be avoided.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters shouldn’t be used either.

If you are interested in the question, you may have noticed that the terms ‘hostname’ and ‘host name’ are used for mentioning the same things, therefore you should know when the term is used to speak about just a host’s name and when for qualifying a computer’s FQDN. So, in the commonest sense the term is frequently used for a connected computer device identifying.

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