What is geo-location?


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What is geo-location?Definition

It is a disclosure of a wirelessly connected device’s physical area. There are several kinds of them. If talking about software geo-location, the technical solution is possible to define your device’s area up to your area’s zip code while moving forward from your country, region, city and finally zip code.

A number of different-kind databases are accessible for geo-location services. Thus any needed information can be given precisely zeroing it to someone IP’s location.There are some official organizations, which manage to distribute IPs in specific places of the world. If talking about the North America there is ARIN. In order to get more data on you the companies are zeroing in closer to it.

How does geo-location work?

Two main functions are fulfilled by geo-location software: your location is reported to other users and real-world areas are associated to virtual ones.

The inside GPS chip, which is built in multiple up-to-date smart phones, makes the same thing. Thus satellite data is used by it to your real position calculating.

Geo-location apps


Is compatible with multiple platforms. It works like ‘checking in’ the app sends the notes containing data on your physical location to your friends for them to find you faster. Many places can be checked in by you, such as cafes, theatres, bars and etc. Having learnt your real location, your friends can join you or advise some new interesting places to visit. A massive list of places is suggested by the service and if you become a top-rated visitor of a place you get some freebies.


It operates on different platforms. A huge database of area points led by visitors is offered. Virtual items of the app can be traded to other participants. Real-time goods can be achieved for free through the app due to advertising partnerships of the developer.



It is compatible with multiple platforms. Twitter-like followers and Facebook-like friends can be established with the service. In addition you may supply your usage with short notes, which can be estimated by your followers.

It is a combination of geo-location with a social network. It is available for many platforms. You are invited by the service to check into some locations and share your pastime with friends and followers. More than that, you can look for events that are to be taken near your area.

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