What is gateway?


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What is gateway?Definition

It is a relation mark, regarded to as a network node, by means of which two differing in protocols nets are combined. It can be presented in multiple forms and perform various functions from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Gateway IP

Any gateway for different devices includes several specifications, such as OS, processor, chipset, memory, graphics, hard drive and etc. The specifications vary depending on the model you use. 

If speaking about address of a gateway, it should be mentioned that a device on a network that sends traffic (local one) to other networks is referred by IP.




  • The network is expanded by a gateway.
  • Some security is provided due to the fact that this is a server.
  • Two different types of networks can be connected.
  • Conversion of protocols is maintained by a gateway.
  • The traffic problems are effectively handled by the technology.
  • External and internal network connection is established by a gateway.

It’s not an intelligent device, so the data is never filtered out. Transmission rate is slower as protocols conversion is done.

Some people try to compare the technology with a router. But the activities presented by a gateway are more complex than that of a router, because more than one protocol is used for its communication. Of course, it’s not the only aspect marking gateway out from a router. But still there are some common aspects peculiar to both the technologies too. Thus the flaw of traffic (passing through detached nets) is administered by both of them between two or more (when talking about big companies, for example) distant nets. As you probably know this is able due to card usage, where each net has a separate card assigned to this very net. In spite of the fact that both the technologies have something in common they are very unlike.

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