What is FTP?


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What is FTP?Definition

File Transfer Protocol is a specially developed set of rules used for files transferring between accounts within the network. There are different ways of data sharing:

  • between several computer accounts;
  • between an account and a connected device;
  • for software accessing.


There are at least three main ways for using it:

Command-line FTP Graphical FTP clients Web browser

Client-lines have been built into Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The simplicity of the method is that to start transferring you need to enter a host’s name into the prompt, for example ftp.commandline.com. Your username and password are needed to enter your account.

NB! Enter ‘anonymous’ instead of your nickname if you want to stay unidentified while networking.

The simplicity of the method consists in file icons dragging and dropping between windows allowance. In order to use it you need to enter your username/ password and the FTP host’s name, for example (ftp.graphicalclient.com). NB! While using an anonymous ftp server nothing has to be entered. As well as http: addresses ftp: can be connected by a browser too while entering a host’s name to where normally a URL is entered. The simplicity of the method consists in large directories browsing and a possibility to read about before retrieving files. While connecting to a site before files exchanging some of the details on the connection will be taken care of by your browser.  NB! You should know that web browsers are slower in operation and less reliable.

the commonest: Cyberduck (Mac), WinSCP (Windows)

P.S. But you should remember that some FTP sites are heavily used or overloaded and need several attempts before the connection is achieved. As there is also a threat of your sensitive data interference or interception, you may need to apply some additional protective tools.

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