What is a Domain Name?


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What is a Domain Name? In our modern and technically-developed world every computer is connected to the Internet and has its own unique address composed of numbers and separated by periods. Machines can easily process these addresses, but we are people and we spend a lot of time using them. IP addresses are difficult to remember and change often. That is why domain names have been designed and served in our daily life.

Domain name is a crucial component of the Internet infrastructure that features as an available web-server address understandable for human beings. Usually, it’s a specify sequence of characters, contained Latin letters, numbers or hyphen, and started/ended with Latin characters or numbers.

How do domain names look like?

Domain names are composed of different levels. For example, an address myipservices.com has two levels, separated by period.

  • * com is a domain name of first level,
  • * myipservices.com is a domain name of second level.

It’s important to note that domains of high first level signifies geographical or subject affiliation.

  • * .eu – European Union
  • * .net – Common Network Resources
  • * .edu – Education project
  • * .gov – Government Bodies
  • * .org – Non-Commercial Organization
  • * .com – Commercial Projects

All these unique addresses are discovered and interpreted by DNS (Domain Name System). The service receives an information, analyses it and provides to users.

How are domain names created?

If you want to transmit information about your company or project through the Internet, be sure you need to create and register new proper domain name. Fortunately, the global network offers thousands of services and interesting tools for name choosing in any domain zone.

It’s clear that there were registered millions of domain names in existed zones while the Internet has existed. Possibilities to receive appropriate and imposing names are growing smaller. The world can’t live without them, and people have created new domains with commercial and even facetious forms. You can meet unexpected or anticipate names, such as .space, .lol, .coffee, or .wtf (indignantly-questioning domain), .ninja (for real ninjas) etc. Everything depends on our imagination and availability of net surface.

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