What is Dialup Internet Service?


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What is Dialup Internet Service? Dialup networks make a connection between their clients which can be electronic computing machines, LAN segments, fax machines or phone conversation partners. Usually, dialup networks deny all ownership rights owning a physical link for each pair of clients, for this reason users can’t use it exclusively and at any time. In view of this, providers apply any switching technique that divides present physical channels between communicating sessions and net abonents. 

Dialup Internet Service is the most ancient and thus the easiest way to connect the net. This variant is useful for clients which do not use Internet constantly, all they need is a computer with a modem and telephone line that will be engaged while connecting the net.

Dialup Service particularities

The Service provides net access wherever telephone lines are, moreover users do not bear the cost: today modems cost little and frequently install in laptops.  

In common situation, Internet usage algorithm is very simple: a client buys an access card with an appropriate serial number. The service can be sold on credit with following payments added to telephone bill.

At the present time, dialup service is provided to phone network clients for free, so it’s a great solution for meager budget.

Most of all, charge rate depends on time spent online and not on traffic value. Provider can fix certain time for permitted session and cuts off connection on the expiry of this term. In this case a client addresses to its provider again that takes few seconds or even hours depending on geographical location.

On top of everything else, there is no possibility to talk over telephone and browse the Internet simultaneously.

Performance indicators

Modern modems achieve 56 Kb/sec speed, but in practice connection speed does not exceed 30 Kb/sec in most cases. Such factors as device’s producer and telephone interference influence over speed capabilities.

In conclusion, Dialup Internet Service is considered as old-fashioned and used in whistle stops where alternative possibilities accessing the net are missing. Nevertheless, some countries provide dialup service on a main basis because broadband service access is very expensive and unattainable for their economy. 

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