What is DDoS Attack?


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Why people launch DDoS Attacks?

DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service) is a type of hacker attacks aimed at website disabling by feeding it with a quantity of false requests. As the result, supporting server manipulates with excessive improper requests and infected website gets inaccessible for ordinary users.

Simplicity of organization and unlimited resources are the main components of DDoS attack’s danger. In addition, hackers do not need special knowledges or resources because they can easily find necessary programs in the net.

Root causes DDoS attacks

  • Competition.

Today DDoS attacks are the most popular service on a by-order basis. In an increasingly competitive environment, an organization can address to hacker in order to paralyze competitor’s system or external and internal resources’ operation. In such a manner, they organize DDoS attack for a definite period and power.

  • Fraud.

Hackers very often organize DDoS attacks gaining an access to computers and blocking their systems. Swindlers easily paralyze unshielded machines and demand money for virus’s deactivating.

  • Amusement and entertainment.

According to a growing demand to DDoS attacks, beginner hackers design their attacks for having time or practicing.

Who can be a target of DDoS attack?

Usually, e-commerce and informational websites suffer from this type of web attacks. In recent years hackers use DDoS attacks for the purpose of blackmail or pursue an information war.

How do DDoS attacks proceed?

Trojan Horse is a typical software used by hackers. First, Trojans infect ordinary computers with poor antimalware software and can be under-the-radar during long time period waiting for its master’s command. Computers are subjected to DDoS attacks visiting various infected websites, receiving e-mails or installing unlicensed software. When a hacker activates its virus, infected machines send requests to website-victim all at once.

Can DDoS attacks be prevented?

It’s quite difficult to fight with this type of malware for the simple reason that all requests come from different locations. Generally, protection mechanism includes filtration and blackholing processes, removing server vulnerability, upgrading, decentralization (is a building of distributed and duplicate systems that provide services in an emergency) and hedging (is an IP-address masking).

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