What is Cookie?

What is Cookie? Cookie is a text randomly encoded message sent from web server to browser and transmitted back whenever server page is requested with browser. Cookies recognize users and customize pages’ content for them. Visiting any site, you may be requested to fill out an application providing such info as user name and preferences. This data is saved into a cookie and transmitted to browser which keeps it for later usage. Stored info can be used by the server presenting custom web content. As an example, instead of entering just a welcome page user can see a page with its personal info on it. In such a manner, browser uses cookie files to simplify navigation on the site by automagical login process, remembering settings selected during previous visits etc.

Any distinct website has no possibility accessing your personal info except for cookie it sent on your device. Cookies are not executable codes so they don’t have any motives as well as being used by the resource which produced them. Such usage is restricted for helping a browser process the info stored on the site.

Cookies can be served to track user’s browser activity. If you think this violates your secrecy, browser’s settings can be changed restricting the use of cookies on the device and forbidding its capability keeping records of internet activity.

Cookie options

  • They can be enabled and disabled in order to control collecting info about your preferences.
  • Stored files can be deleted removing info about visited resources saved on your device.
  • Third-party cookies can be disabled to prevent some methods of tracking by advertisers.

How to know what cookies are stored on a device? The method for knowing this info is differed depending on utilizing browser.

  • Internet Explorer

Choose “Tools” and then “Internet Options” in the menu. Under the “General” tag hold “Settings” and choose “View Files” to display a list of transitory stored files. Messages began with “cookie:” is that what you are looking for.

  • Mozilla Firefox

Under the Firefox pushbutton select “Tool” -> “Options” and press “Privacy”. Choose “remove individual cookies” function. In the displayed list of cookies saved in your device you can delete selected files or clean them all pressing “Remove All Cookies”.

  • Google Chrome

Choose “Settings” on the browser menu and then “Customize and control” and “Show advanced”. In the “Privacy” category press “Content settings” then get on “all cookies and site data” option. In the appeared list you can select a website allowing to detect cookie files or choose cookies showing info stored in them.

  • Apple Safari

On the menu select “Settings” and click “Preferences”, then open “Privacy” tab and choose “Details”. You will see a list of all cookie files stored on your device. You can remove cookies individually selecting them and pressing “Remove” or delete them all choosing “Remove all” option.

  • Apple iOS 5 or later

Tap the “Settings” icon from the home screen and select “Safari”. Choose “Advanced” and then tap “Website Data” in order to see a list of cookies.

  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry

These three mobile systems do not allow users seeing stored cookies. But you can remove all files or enable/disable the function.

If you remove or edit cookie files on your gadget, some websites may ask to recover the info which was saved in their cookies.

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