What is a cloud service?


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What is a cloud service?Definition

Any resource or delivery of hosted services provided over the Internet is a cloud service. This is the same thing as a web service with the only difference that it’s virtual machine storage. Simply put, the term means your device hard drive’s data storing and accessing on the Internet from anywhere in the word, provided that you are equipped with a connected device.

The benefits of the usage

  • The service cancels administrative personal work for managing compute resources.
  • Massive investments in local infrastructure are knocked out with the help of the service.
  • The payments are reduced as customers pay only for resources they use.

There are different types of clouds




A business data center is the place from where the service is provided to its clients. The management, control and security are preserved for the customers. The service of the type can be both free and paid.

The cloud service is delivered by a third-party provider to the customers. Bandwidth and storage should be paid for by a customer who uses the service. There are many public services presented on the market today. The main leaders are AWS, IBM and etc.

As it comes from the title both previous services are combined in this one. Workloads demanding for extra privacy can be loaded on the private one why using a public service. So, this is the service, which presents public cloud functions while fulfilling control over the data.

Cloud security

Cloud usage or adoption requires such primary interests as security. Numerous customers are involved in information sharing while using public services. Thus it presents a threat of your confidential information leakage. A copious isolation should be provided between different compute resources. Being security concerned, many companies still avoid putting business data on the clouds. But clients’ protection is approved by providers who use up-to-date encryption and other methods of additional defense implied for your security.


There are such functions provided by a cloud service as:

  • Storage: all your essential data can be loaded and held in the place for accessing it in any place from any device you have;
  • Compute: applications or sufficient resources that allow handling your demands in an adequate manner;
  • Load balancing: your computer’s amount of work is divided between several devices to perform bigger working capacity in a shorter period, as a result all the customers are supplied with the service quicker.
  • Clusters of compute nodes: it helps several devices work together and be regarded as a single system.

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