What are static and dynamic IP addresses?


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What are static and dynamic IP addresses? A net address appointed by provider and fixed to a define device and doesn’t suffer changes even after computer reset is called static IP. It allows attaching a user to the connections system organizing a virtual securing channel, building local net and completing tasks related to informational technologies. Since static IP is appointed to your device, you'll have to personalize your machine (router or server) manually to use the assigned static IP address.

With static location number you can easily design your own server, such as FTP. It’s suited to peer-to-peer network management or obligatorily required by some websites and services.

Benefits of static IP address

  • Computer’s geographical location does not change that is good for web servers operations.
  • Simple usage of DNS mapping domain names to IP addresses.
  • Comfortable usage of online services which identifier a user with its IP address.
  • Easy to connect with remote computer.
  • Different sharing services (Bittorrent, Depositfiles) prefer static IP.
  • Increase authorization reliability what is useful for online banking.

Downsides of static IP

  • Expensive management process – ISPs charge additional payments for static addresses.
  • Requires extra security configurations guarding against hackers attacks.

Dynamic IP address

Every time your device is restarted, your ISP gives a new number to your networking device through DHCP protocol. Since a location number is assigned by your provider to the gadget, it doesn’t always receive the same number previously assigned to you. A DHCP nature usually reassigns same IPs to one gadget with no guarantees receiving the similar number.

Benefits of dynamic IP

  • Cheaper than static IP address.
  • It’s difficult to trace real geographical location that raises privacy and security level.
  • Grants access to web services even if a net address has been banned.

Downsides of dynamic IP

  • Requires DHCP server to obtain an IP address.
  • Non-static. Each time IP address changes, you may have to find you IP address again.

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