What is API?


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Application Program Interface is a suit of various functions, modules, and protocols that are designed to operate cooperatively for the purpose of software applications’ building. In other words, software components operation is specified by the interface. It is also used for graphical user interface components programming. In addition a qualitative API makes the work of a programmer easier as all the building blocks are provided and they are just needed to be put together.

What is API?

Popular examples

for Google Maps

By using JavaScript or Flash interface the developers are able to build in maps on the pages of their site. The service is accessible for mobile devices and desktop browsers.

for YouTube

By using this service the developers can integrate videos from the same-name resource on their websites. There are lots of them including analytics, data, player and etc.

for Flickr 

Photo sharing data of the community can be accessed for its further usage with the help of the service.

for Twitter

The core data of the website or trades data interaction can be gained either by rest or search API.

for Amazon product advertising

The product selection and monetizing solutions can be found with the help of the service.

So, why do you need API?



The exact structure of request and response are documented and remain constant apart from human factors and the website changes.

The app is the website dependent and doesn’t change its look. So, the application can stop operating as it doesn’t ‘understand’ the website anymore. 

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