What is Apache?


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What is Apache? Apache is a free HTTP server functioning as cross-platform server and operating with all popular computing systems. Among primary virtues, Apache offers reliability and flexibility of configuration. The server connects outside modules providing data, uses database management system for users’ authentication and modifies errors messages.

Apache functional capabilities

  • Integration with other software and computer programming languages.
  • Availability of different safety mechanism and data access control, such as:
  • restricting access to define directories or files;
  • users’ authorization mechanism for accessing to a directory based on HTTP and digest authentication;
  • access control to directories or servers based on users’ IP addresses;
  • access barring to specific file’s types, for example, lockout of configurational or database files.
  • Multiple encoding support capabilities allows ing герундий pages designed with various codes and languages.
  • Administrator can install proper pages and evaluators for all HTTP errors and events, such as 404 Not Found or 403 Forbidden.

Apache architecture

♦ Base includes general capabilities (such as configuration files processing, HTTP protocol and module loading system) and is developed by Apache Software Foundation to the exclusion of exterior programmers.

♦ Configuration system is based on textual configuration files and has proper language relies on control blocks. The system has 3 levels:

  • Server configuration (httpd.conf);
  • Virtual host configuration (extra/httpd-vhost.conf);
  • Directory level configuration (.htaccess).

♦ Multiprocessor models:

  • strong>worker – preserving stability of multiprocessing decisions, it serves vast number of clients with lowest resource utilization;
  • pre-fork – isolates processes and keeps compatibility with old libraries providing high security and stability levels;
  • netware – has been optimized for Novell NetWare servers;
  • winnt – controls Windows Servers;
  • Apache-ITK – invokes each virtual host under separate uid and gid identifiers.

♦ Apashe Server supports modularization included more than 500 modules which can be integrated at the compiles moment or downloaded through configuration file directive. Modules allow realizing following tools:

  • programming language support capabilities;
  • adding functions;
  • security enforcement.

♦ Embed virtual hosts mechanism maintains multiple domain names for one IP address displayed proper content of each of websites.

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