What is Ad-Block?


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What is Ad-BlockAd-Block is a web extension for browsers supplied with contents filtering function. Ads blocker does not operate on its own until needed command is set. This function is fulfilled with lists presented with rules and regulations which designate inappropriate content.

In such a manner, Ad-Block copes with advertising unit, cuts online ads on YouTube and flash content, and disables all ad bots and pop-up messages. Program creates add-ins bottom provided easy configuration process and enabled ads blocking on a specific web page or actual domain.

How to obstruct ads?

  • On Mozilla Firefox

The easiest way for installing Ad-Block for Firefox is heading over to setup page and press reset button. From the left side of the browser you will see a window where you need to press “Allow” and ‘’Install”.  These steps supply Ad-Block to your browser and preserve from intrusive advertising.

Ad-Block can be installed from add-ons section for Mozilla Firefox. Open a link and press “Add to Firefox” and confirm clicking “Install”.

  • On Google Chrome

There are two methods to add Ad-Block in Chrome.

First, the program can be added with passing on the installation page for Chrome and pressing on the green button.  There a small window will be displayed asking to confirm the installation. You can choose “Add” to download Ad-Block.

Ad-Block can be also downloaded from Google Chrome Webstore. Finding the tool in this website, press “Add to Chrome” and then “Add” to confirmation.

Significant common feature between applications for different browsers is that the list of filters will be established by default after the first Ad-Block installation based on browser’s language settings.

Additional Ad-Block functions

  • Monitoring of your internet activity by companies collected all info about your preferences among various websites can be disabled with this mechanism. Ad-Block is useful if you want to keep your online life in secret and hide your history of visited websites and resources.
  • You can use Ad-Block for protecting against viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious programs got inside your computer system with advertising units.
  • Social media buttons on visited websites can be disabled in order to avoid sensitive data transmitting to these platforms created your personal profile and turned received info to suspicious uses.
  • Ad-Block stops ads on YouTube and focuses on 30-second advert videos played with required resource.

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