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OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP
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Protect multiple devices; Internet freedom; Easy setup
Windows, Android, Linux and iOS

Privacy, functionality, affordability and accessibility are just some of the key features that a good VPN service provider aims to deliver. Zpn.im is a VPN firm that has a wide network of servers serving all corners of the world. The company has a total of 639 VPN servers spread in over 23 countries. Based on the number of servers it has, ZPN is one of the largest providers of VPN services in the world.

ZPN.im has worked hard to be regarded as a reliable VPN service firm across the world. It has invested in ensuring that its servers are extremely good at encryption. All the major protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP can be found on all its servers. World-class tunneling ensures that you evade being a subject of monitoring and censorship by governments, schools, and major websites. You get immense freedom by choosing to use the services this firm provides.


The categories of plans available

  • Free Plan – There are no charges associated with this plan. The provider offers the members of this plan, 10GB monthly free bandwidth with high-speed server interconnectivity. You will have one simultaneous connection, at least 5 locations and no traffic logging. You will however not be able to enjoy P2P connection.
  • Mobile Plan – In this plan, you will be charged $1.90 per month. You will enjoy a reasonable 50GB per month as well as unlimited bandwidth. You will have access to at least 20 connections and one simultaneous connection. P2P connection is available but only in premium locations.
  • Premium Plan – In this plan, you have the freedom to access unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data transfer. You can have up to 5 devices simultaneously connected. You will also enjoy access to more than 20 locations: All these services at a reasonable price of $5.99 per month.


Where are the servers located?

As one of the most well established private VPN service provider, ZPN has set its sights on having its presence felt in every part of the world. As such, there are over 630 VPN servers in every other continent. However, majority of these servers, are concentrated in Europe and North America. Given the ease with which a person can register an account here -45 seconds – and the affordability of the services, it is little wonder that the firm is receiving members by their thousands.


What services do you stand to explore here?

  • Sure and safe encryption – People are using the internet more and more to perform some of the tasks that were previously thought very risky online – making and receiving payments. With increase online transactions, more hackers roam all over waiting to pounce on any person who is not well protected. ZPN is the solution you need when you are performing all your online banking transactions.
  • Exploring the internet, especially in public places is safer – Admittedly, much as people love using public Wi-Fi hotspots, which is free, there are many a number of people who have suffered dearly. There are hackers who throng the periphery of public internet hotspots, waiting to steal banking details or any other details that might be useful to them. Protect yourself today by getting the ZPN.im download software. All your data will be encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
  • You bypass restrictions and censorships – There are many websites in the world and the only inhibitions are the unnecessary restrictions by governments and other players. With ZPN, you will bypass all these restrictions and watch channels such as BBC iPlayers, Hulu, Netflix and ITV player. You will also access geo-location prohibited sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, QQ, and Tango among others.


Your privacy and security

Because the whole business of a good SSL VPN service provider is to offer the best possible security to its customers when they are exploring the internet, ZPN has invested in the best protocols, encryption and fast hard-to-hack servers all over the world. ZPN rightly reject the use of PPTP protocol and instead embrace the use of L2TP alongside OpenVPN protocol. This comes with an option of adding an SSL at the very top as an extra protection layer.

The company invests in Blowfish 128-bit encryption. On top of this, it offers customers a 256-bit cipher which ensures that no hacking of data can happen when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. For the all important Hash authentication, the firm uses MD5 or the SHA1. Handshaking is not left behind as it goes all the way to RSA-2048.



Provided you are registered with the website, you get access to the very efficient and effective ticketing platform. The website is obviously well documented and in case you find yourself lost, you won’t have to wait for many hours before a well-detailed answer reaches you from the support team. The FAQ section also has elaborated answers to most of the obvious questions.


Getting an account

Getting an account with ZNP.im only requires that you enter your email and set a password. You will then be required to enter some CAPTCHA detail after which you are told you will get an account within 45 seconds. Given the speed at which everything else works on this site, there would be no reason not to believe this. The opening of an account here is further made easy by the DNS protection.


Platforms to use

Setting up your account on Android, Windows, iOS, and routers and many other platforms has been made extremely easy. When looking for a way to open or set up accounts on Linux, Windows, and other platforms, the firm has made OpenVPN readily available to help protect you. On top of the easy setup procedures set by the firm, you will also find easy to use ZPN.im download for Windows, Mac, and Android.



ZPN is definitely one of the biggest players in the industry and as such several benefits including reduced prices trickle down to the end user. On the other hand, the firm has invested heavily in strong encryption which ensures that it stays ahead of the pack. The support team is extremely helpful and customers’ privacy is taken seriously. The only missing thing is a live chat platform, but then you really don’t need it if all the answers are on the website.

Update: 03/07/2016