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OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec and PPTP
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No logs; Torrents are allowed; Dedicated IP; Easy setup
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

An ideal VPN service provider is the one that eliminates all blocks, nervousness, threats and risks for you when you visit the internet. That is what Zen VPN offers its customers. VPN firms are increasing at a tremendous rate. While this means that competition is high, it also means that more and more people are learning of the immense advantages that such companies come with. For Zenvpn.net, the journey has only started as it was started in 2013. Over the few years, it has been in existence, the company has managed to appease hundreds of thousands from all over the world.

VPN USA firms, as well as those established in other parts of the world, are formed on the premise that everyone deserves to have unlimited access to the internet. It is expected that with more power, people should act more responsibly, but it seems governments and institutions have already decided that it is their right to determine what the public gets access to. Zen is one of the firms that will let you unblock sites, download torrents from practically anywhere on the globe.


The price of the different services at Zen

Zen has categorized its plans into:

  • Standard PlansThese plans can be yearly, monthly or weekly. When you pick the weekly option, you will be billed every $2.95 every week. You can opt to go for the monthly plan which charges $5.95. The yearly plan charges $49.95. The yearly plan affords you a 30% discount. For all the plans here, you are allowed to use up to 5GB per day. This is quite a lot by all standards. In each of the plans, there is a free trial that customers are allowed to explore what the services are like. The trial period provided is quite limited and you might not have explored all the spheres of the site.
  • Unlimited PlansThese plans are also categorized into weekly, monthly and yearly. Weekly customer pays $5.95 and the monthly ones fork out $9.95. As for the yearly subscriber, the fee is $95.50. The yearly plan comes with a 20% discount. In each and every plan above, you stand to enjoy unlimited speed and bandwidth. The plans also come with a free trial.

For both the standard and unlimited plans, the firm offers a 30-day money back guarantee. For whatever reason that you might get unsatisfied with the services offered by, your money will be refunded in full; provided it is within 30 days after making payment.


The servers Zenvpn.net has

As a forward oriented VPN service provider with a global approach, Zenvpn.net has grown fast and steadily to cover 19 countries from all corners of the globe. In the 19 countries, the firm prides itself on being able to establish 24 locations from where it has set up servers. Even though the firm allocates your server based on your geo-location, you can change your server by visiting the website and clicking on the server you prefer.


The services to enjoy at Zen VPN

  • Flexible and affordable plans – It is rare to come across a reliable VPN service provider that offers you a weekly plan. With Zen, you can enjoy a weekly plan at only $2.95. And if that is too much, you can try out the free plan.
  • High-speed – While a majority of VPN firms will purport to have very fast connecting servers and bandwidth, at Zen, you don’t have to rely on what the support team tells you; just try it out and you will be amazed at the phenomenal speeds.
  • Privacy and security enhanced – In an effort to become the best VPN service provider, Zenvpn.net has invested in the best encryption feature that the market can afford. This means that appropriate encryption is done at the point of access as well as anywhere the ISP might gain access. This ensures that all your data is secured. The company does not keep any logs either for connection or data usage.
  • Internet freedom – No matter where you are located in the world, you have easy access to all the websites. You can access Netflix when in Africa or BBC iPlayer and Hulu when you are in Kiribati.


What security and privacy feature stands out?

Customers’ privacy is something that Zenvpn.net takes quite seriously. The firm has invested in the reliable OpenVPN protocol. There are also PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP protocols for customers to opt for. The firm warns its customers that it uses cookies to collect information from your computer which will help the firm serve you better. On the other hand, customers can rest assured of their location and data not getting compromised as the firm uses 256-bit encryption and does not record or keep logs.


The support team

Zen VPN is an easy site to browse. You will especially enjoy the experience here when you get the Zenvpn.net software download which requires zero configurations. If you encounter any problem while browsing the website or when using Zen VPN software, all you have to do is contact the support team via a ticket platform. The company also a well versed FAQ area where a majority of your questions are well answered.


Getting an account at Zen

The process is easy and self-explanatory. When you go to the plans section, you will find that at the bottom end of each plan, there is an icon which prompts you to open an account. Once you have submitted your email and username, you will be able to get the Zenvpn.net download for Mac if you are using a Mac. For any other device, you should click the appropriate button.


Available platforms

When it comes to compatibility, Zen only offers PPTP and IPSec protocols. However, you can easily set up OpenVPN manually. If you want to use Zen VPN with platforms such as Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS, you should be ready to do a manual configuration which is quite easy.



All in all, Zen is a reliable VPN service firm which has invested quite a lot to give the customer a wide range of VPN services. 

Update: 03/07/2016