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Lightning speed; No tracking; Blocking malware
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Privacy is one thing that everyone using the internet must enjoy. But, this is not the case whenever you go online. Banner ads, social media, website analytics, etc., are all tracking your activities on the internet and have their watchful eyes on you all the time. It is not safe to connect your device through an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot as your private and sensitive information is soft target for hackers. All these problems have made many users to think of ways and means to shield their identity online. Well, the only tool will help you in achieving online privacy, security and anonymity is a reliable VPN service. There are many private VPN service providers you will come across online. One of the best VPN service providers is ZenMate.

ZenMate was first offered as a free privacy extension for popular Chrome browser by Google. It is not up to the mark when compared to many of the popular VPN services. But, for a start, this is a good VPN service that offers you decent plans, decent server locations, security and privacy. It has now transformed from the free version into the premium one. It will offer all the basic things that you need in a VPN like VPN routing, geo-relocation, security and privacy, without compromising even a bit on the internet speed.


Tariffs and prices

You will get a free plan from this VPN client. It is not of much use if you are looking for 24 hour online security. The free plan is on offer for all users on default. There are three paid premium subscription plans on offer. All the premium plans offer you ultra speed internet connectivity, more server locations, desktop client and mobile apps and lots of payment options.

  • Monthly plan:

This plan is billed at $12.79 a month.

  • Six month plan:

As the name suggests, this is a paid subscription plan that you can avail for six months at $11.37 a month. You save up to 11% when you opt for the six month plan. You will be billed one time every six months.

  • Yearly plan:

This is the most popular among the paid premium plans. You can enjoy a discount of 28% when you opt this plan. You need to just spend $9.23 a month to avail this plan. You need to make one full payment every year.

You can opt for any of these plans and make payments using PayPal, Bitcoin and all major credit cards.


Server locations

ZenMate is not offering a lot of servers like any of the other best VPN service providers. If you become a user of this VPN, then you get access to the servers located in the United States, Hong Kong, Romania and Germany for free. If you are not satisfied with the servers on offer, you can opt for the premium plan and get access to more server locations like: United Kingdom, France, Canada, United States (west), Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.



Some of the features that are on offer from this VPN service are as follows. The features will tempt you to instantly carry out the ZenMate VPN software download on your computer.

  • Lightning speed:

With a premium VPN subscription, you can be sure of getting ultra high speed connectivity through any of the servers that are on offer.

  • Smart locations:

This is a new feature that will help you to check out websites online without needing to switch to different server locations when accessing different sites. The server switching takes place automatically and thereby you need not waste any of your precious time when browsing online.

  • No tracking:

The VPN ensures that your activities online cannot be secretly tracked by anybody or third party service. This is a very important feature that you will not find in many other VPN services. All the necessary encryptions will automatically get active once you visit any website through this service.  

  • Blocking malware:

The entire premium plan users who carry out the ZenMate VPN download can be sure that they cannot be attacked by malicious codes and snippets when browsing online. This VPN will help in blocking spyware and malware effectively.


Security and privacy

This SSL VPN service is not robust on the security aspect, but it offers decent encryption. It makes use of TLS 1.2 protocol with 128-bit encryption (AES-GCM). The SHA 256 is used for authentication purposes with PFS and RSA handshaking. The company at present is satisfied using AES 1268 encryption and believes that it provides good security. The peer to peer sharing is not allowed and the connection logs of the users are sometimes maintained on an informal basis.


Support service

There is no live chat support or toll free number support on offer by this VPN. You will get only email support and the responses to your email queries are on time and courteous. The website has very good setup guide and knowledge base that gives clear cut explanations to users on all potential questions.


Client account

If you are looking to register for this service in order to download ZenMate VPN for Mac or other devices, then the sign up process is simple. You need to provide an email as a premium user and this doubles as your username and password. You can also make payment for the plan using Bitcoin apart from normal online payment methods.



The premium users can make use of this service on all popular devices and platforms. If you have a Mac computer, then you need to download ZenMate VPN for Mac software. To use it on your Windows PC, all you need to do is to download ZenMate VPN for Windows. The VPN also supports iOS, Android and Windows phones and Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers.



There is no doubt that the premium version of ZenMate is a very good service to use for first time VPN users as it offers great speed, good encryption, affordable plans, no DNS leak and ease of use.

June 11/2016
ZenMate, the internet security company based in Berlin, Germany has announced a further increase in its capital. The latest funding for the company comes from existing shareholders as well as from new investors. The existing shareholders providing new funds include Project A... Read more
Update: 08/06/2016