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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
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99.9% uptime; Unlimited bandwidth; Unlimited speed; 24x7x365 live support; 30 day money-back guarantee
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

Every online user loses sleep over the issue of privacy and safety of their web activities which can be effectively taken care of with the aid of a virtual private network or VPN. VPN poses as a middleman between the internet and the user. It forms an encrypted link from one’s device to the intended VPN server which further guards the user’s activities from his/her internet service provider (ISP) and even from others using the similar local network. Therefore, a good VPN service provider is preferable for maintaining security of one’s online activities from curious eyes of the hackers. WiTopia is regarded as a wise preventative measure for dealing with the aspect of online information security. It is also useful for circumventing ISP or even government- level internet snooping and filtering. It is a VPN service company with its base in the US which commenced its business operations in the year 2005. It provides enhanced online security along with excellent professional service thus, making it one of the best private VPN service providers. The VPN refrains from directly accessing its user’s online activities or keeping logs of their browsing activities which justifies their repute of being amongst the most reliable VPN service providers.


Tariffs & Prices

WiTopia has two diverse packages for its users and they are the Personal VPN basic plan and the Personal VPN Pro plan. Both the mentioned plans include trivial differences in terms of the available features and a ’30 day money-back guarantee’ scheme is offered for both the mentioned kinds of packages.

•    Personal VPN Pro Package – This package includes three different kinds of pricing options and length of time:
-    $39.99 for 6 months
-    $69.99 for 1 year
-    $129.99 for 2 years

The above mentioned package includes almost all the basic functions and safety measures offered by the VPN. One can avail PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols for safeguarding information against various threats.
•    Personal VPN Basic Package – The basic plan is the cheaper one among the two packages which comprises the following pricing options:
-    $5.99 for 1 month
-    $14.99 for 3 months
-    $28.99 for 6 months
-    $49.99 for 1 year

The sole difference among the mentioned two packages is the protocols that are provided. The basic plan includes only the IPSec, PPTP and L2TP protocols as the VPN’s protective measure. The 4D Stealth and OpenVPN protocols are excluded in this particular package which is provided in addition to the above mentioned ones in the other package. The other difference includes the option of 1 month plan which is offered in the basic package.


Technical Information

WiTopia VPN has its servers located across forty-four different countries worldwide and over seventy two various cities. These servers enable one to stay anonymous on the internet by way of concealing the actual IP address and changing it with the IP address of the provided VPN server upon connection. The extensive availability of the servers also facilitates to unblock numerous geo restricted websites from various corners of the globe. A few of the main locations include UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, China, Argentina and several other countries as well.



  • Compatibility with most of the varied kinds of mobile devices.
  • Continuous supervision of the network to make sure that the servers does not get overloaded.
  • Access to numerous VPN servers and protocol types across the globe.
  • Provides the facility of CloakBox VPN router which can be connected with devices that lack an in-house VPN client such as gaming consoles.
  • Offers L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, 4D Stealth and IPSec protocols.
  • Provides up to 256-bit encryption.
  • Automatic configuration of the software.
  • Access to unlimited bandwidth as well as transfer limits.


Security & Privacy

The log policy of WiTopia is quite reasonable and honest. They do not keep track of the users browsing activity and nor do they share any kind of personal information of the users with others. They strictly follow their policy of not maintaining any logs of the users’ online activities. However, they do use trailing logs, but only to get hold of a spammer or even other probable abuses with regard to the offered VPN service. The company deletes any form of indirect information during their routine weekly maintenance that may get cached or logged.


Support Service

WiTopia.net engages a customer support team, which offers round the clock service for all the seven days of a week. Thus, it is the only VPN service provider offering support to their customers throughout the 365 days of a year. One can make use of their ticketing system or can even communicate directly through the facility of live chat. Users can also reach the customer support team through emails assuring fast response owing to the constant availability of a representative.


Purchase Process

The services of WiTopia.net are quite simple to use and the installation of their VPN software is entirely automated ruling out any sort of manual configuration. Therefore, the VPN software download of WiTopia.net is one of the easiest functions in comparison to the other VPN providers which make the process increasingly simpler for its VPN client.



WiTopia is almost compatible with majority of the numerous available devices as well as operating systems which comprises mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, Boxee Box, Linux, Chromebook, HP webOS and iOS along with Windows and Mac operating systems. It has a special VPN for Mac and Windows operating systems. However, it needs to be mentioned in this context that there are hardly any available apps for Android or iOS devices.



WiTopia is quite a veteran VPN service provider with several years of operating experience in the industry. The service is highly professional and ensures superior degree of privacy and protection. They offer an exceptional customer support service and also a VPN software specially designed for Mac and Windows which makes the software simple to use and exceedingly compatible. The VPN also provides support for quite a few obscure platforms. These mentioned features top the VPN review list, but sadly, its inconsistent performance in terms of speed is an aspect which the company should seriously consider.

Update: 08/06/2016