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OpenVPN and L2TP
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Wi-Fi/Hotspot security; No logging policy; 24/7 Live help; 7 days money-back guarantee
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

WASEL Pro is a VPN service provider with its focus on the Middle East and is comparatively a newcomer in the industry. Although, it is situated in the Netherlands, it was formed mainly to aid the users of the Persian Gulf area in order to evade government restrictions along with ensuring online anonymity. It facilitates its users to circumvent obstructions with regard to well-liked programs, for instance Viber and Skype. The VPN also permits its users to connect to geo-blocked websites along with streaming services which includes Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, Pandora and BBC iPlayer along with various others. Users are also offered the facility of indulging in peer-to-peer sharing of files and torrent. In other words, it is a reliable VPN service which lets you navigate the web safely and anonymously with the assistance of their widely located servers. WASEL Pro encrypts the connection between their servers and the user’s computer which in turn makes the connection increasingly secure thus, ruling out spying of online activities by hackers. WASEL Pro is a private VPN service provider which not only protects your identity and device, but also accelerates the connection speed. The VPN software is quite easy in terms of installation and usage, which places it amongst the best VPN service providers along with making it secure VPN software through its level of encryption.


Tariffs & Prices

Customers who intend to opt for WASEL Pro services are presented with a particular service plan which includes discounts in the monthly charges which is subject to the length of the subscription period. Despite the variations in the packages, all the plans provide the same basic services. The charges for the monthly package adds up to $9.99 while, the yearly package charges break the cost at $7.50 each month. The company offers the facility of free trial, which is only restricted to about ten minutes each day, however, you can always avail the ‘7 days money-back guarantee’ scheme in case of utmost dissatisfaction regarding their services. The different plans on offer are:

  • $9.99 for 1 month
  • $27.0 for Three months
  • $50.0 for Six months
  • $90.0 for 1 year

WASEL Pro engages an extensive range of safe payment methods such as PayPal, OneCard, Western Union, credit card, Skrill or WebMoney and cashU payment options.


Information on Servers

WASEL Pro has their servers installed in about eight different countries including UK, France, Turkey, US, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands. The company engages real servers instead of the virtual ones. The location of the servers is adequate and competent enough to provide the basic VPN requirements to the customers and provides ten L2TP and ten OpenVPN servers. Their customers are permitted with two connections at a time to the VPN, but to different protocols or servers.



  • Cheap VPN: WASEL Pro VPN services are comparatively cheaper than the other service providers and also offers good discounts on the basis of the length of subscription period.
  • Multiple Connections: Unlike other VPN service providers which usually offer one session at a time, WASEL Pro provides you with two simultaneous connections through different protocols.
  • One Account With Access To All Servers: All the subscription packages include access to all the servers with just a single account.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: The packages are entitled to unlimited p2p or torrent and bandwidth.
  • Fast and Strong Protocols: Majority of the VPN operators offers a single VPN protocol, but whereas, WASEL Pro employs two of the most dependable VPN protocols and they are L2TP for manual configuration and OpenVPN for applications.
  • Strong and Real Servers: WASEL Pro includes an arrangement of real servers that are globally located.
  • Instant Activation: Activation of the account takes place almost instantly once the payment is made.


Security & Privacy

WASEL Pro uses L2TP and OpenVPN server connections with a datastream encryption of 256-bit, which ensures absolute anonymity and safety of the online users. The VPN does not keep a record of the logs which enables its users to browse the web privately. Therefore, the company claims to have an entirely logless policy which neither keeps a record of the users’ online activities, nor the connection metadata which makes it quite secured VPN software.


Customer Support Service

The website of WASEL Pro offers a detailed guide regarding the use and installation of the software. The FAQ section is also helpful as it provides an effective solution to most of the frequently asked questions and problems. They also have an option of live chat which supports both Arabic as well as English and includes support staff that are ready to assist along with being friendly. The customer support service is available at any time of the day and night. The customer support can also be contacted through email with the help of sending a feedback form.


Purchase Procedure

The process of registration for VPN client is moderately painless and simple, but regrettably calls for the requirement of entering personal information such as the address, full name of the user, email address, password and country. You get to receive an email almost instantly regarding the activation process upon registration. After completion of account activation, you need to choose a particular package and a preferred medium of payment. To start using the software, you need to download it from the download section along with opting for an appropriate operating system.



The WASEL Pro VPN is compatible with Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows. This implies that the software can be operated on most of the laptop as well as desktop computers along with almost all the various kinds of tablets and smart phones.



WASEL Pro inspite of being relatively new in the industry has been successfully able to build a positive reputation among online users with the help of their excellent services. It is a perfect choice for those looking for a simple and hassle free VPN service which will also offer high internet speed along with assuring online anonymity and security. However, it is advisable for WASEL Pro to include a few more additional servers in order to enhance their active VPN infrastructure which in turn would also improve their speed. 

Update: 08/06/2016