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OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, PPTP and Proxy
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Unlimited Speeds; Unlimited server switches; Unlimited Bandwidth; x3 Connections Allowed
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

When you are planning to use reliable VPN service, you may find that there are a large number of providers, who claim to offer the best solution. Because of different technical features of such kind of services, you will perhaps become confused. Going through the review of each of these companies may give you some idea. Here, you can find an assessment of one of those VPN service providers - VPN.ht. VPN.ht primarily exists to offer one default choice for VPN security when you are employing Popcorn Time. However, the company also provides a solid VPN solution at a reasonable cost, together with inbuilt SmartDNS for those, who watch genuine things from the UK or the USA.


Tariffs and prices

Every customer has perhaps the desire to utilize service with the lowest possible charge. As one of the customers of VPN.ht, you can get that amazing pricing plan. The marketing team of VPN.ht has possibly wanted to catch the attention of their clients with their lowest price rate.

Though you can find no difference is in 2 available plans, offered by the company, the rates may differ, according to the duration of the subscription that you have chosen. When you want to try their service initially and choose monthly basis payment, the company will charge only $1 for their package. If you like to carry on this subscription, then the price may increase to almost $4.99 per month.

In the same way, if you choose to check its yearly subscription, then you may just need to give $40 per year. It means that your monthly payment for this subscription is about $3.33. With this small amount, you can get protection from malware and cyber criminals.

There are three payment processes, available for you- Bitcoin, Credit Cards and PayPal. Moreover, the complete refund of your money is also possible within one month.


Servers presented by the company

VPN.ht offers seventy-nine servers that are sited in various areas of this world. You can get access to the smoothest and fastest running servers, throughout the world. These servers from VPN.ht are positioned in nine nations. Among all of them, twenty-three servers are in Canada, two in Luxembourg, five in Germany, four in the USA, one in Singapore and Mexico, twenty-two in Netherlands and twenty in the country of France. Though the present servers are highly practical and help in sharing P2P file, one of the strange things is that there is no server for China and the UK. For example, when you like to unblock Hulu or Netflix from any place, you need to link VPN to the server of the USA.



In terms of function and performance, it is to be said that the speed with VPN.ht network is enough for enjoying HD content. Downloading processes do not get obstructed. Popcorn Time streaming is also highly smooth in HD quality. However, DNS leaks are one of the general problems with the GUI of OpenVPN. It is expected that the company will instruct something about the DNS leaks.


Security and privacy

All the VPN companies are intended to protect their users’ account. VPN.ht also makes some attempts for protecting the privacy of the users. As per their privacy guidelines, they never log user activity; however, they gather data, relevant to the collect to connections for example time stamps or the transferred data amount.

The profiles for OpenVPN connection are accessible for 256-bit and 128-bit AES and 64-bit Blowfish. The former one is for those, who need high security, while the latter one is for all those, who are searching for utmost speed. Although OpenVPN is the protocol that is always recommended, the connections through PPTP and L2TP are also provided to those, who never like to utilize OpenVPN.


Support service

Though VPN.ht is comparatively new private VPN service, its customer support system is quite simple. There is a part of the website, where you can find that there are instructions about VPN.ht VPN software download on various platforms. Besides, you may use ZenDesk-based 24-hour support ticketing option with better times for response as well as useful operatives.

But, one thing that is not offered by VPN.ht is the live support or online chat. However, you may get the toll-free USA-based number that you can use, if you are Skype users. Thus, you only need to click on the support button on the website and get all the available options. All the queries, made by you are not just responded but are also properly managed handled.


Client account

It is very simple to get registered as the customer of VPN.ht. Only provide your password and email ID for this registration process. Unlike other companies’ registration procedures, this aspect of VPN.ht’ website is fast and well-structured. You do not need to wait for a long time. Payment is also very fast; it never needs unnecessary individual data. Besides, in a case of all the credit card users, there is a default name - Anonymous Customer.



Users may install and turn on their subscription of VPN.ht’s service, while using diverse devices. However, simultaneous VPN connections are allowed only from a single PC and a mobile gadget. You can get separate software; however, the combination with Popcorn Time may be much helpful. Though the multi-platform Popcorn Time has the beta version, it functions well in terms of the browsing experience. This is smoother than many other available streaming websites.

Regarding the other platforms, it is to be said that there are setup directions, available on the website for Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Besides, there is Popcorn Time version, accessible from the major site. The unfortunate fact is that the Android version does not include VPN system integration.



After using VPN service from VPN.ht, you may have diverse feelings. On the one hand, the service does not have essential features, generally presented by some other companies. But, alternatively, the company has compensated its weak points by giving Popcorn Time-integrated solution. Though VPN.ht is not the best VPN service, it may grab the present market very soon.

Update: 08/06/2016