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OpenVPN and PPTP
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Unlimited Bandwidth and Switch; Unlimited traffic; PNFacile software included
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

There is an increasing threat of internet surveillance and internet users are now aware that their data are under serious threat online. They know that the every step they take on the internet is being monitored or logged. In order to prevent the IP addresses from being easily visible to others online, there are many people who have signed up for VPN service. It is an important tool that will counter the threat of online surveillance and allow you to stay anonymous online. Using a good VPN service will prevent online snooping of your IP address. One of the best VPN service providers that offer quality service from France is VPNFacile.

The VPNFacile software is developed to offer some of the most needed features by many internet users. By using this service, you will be able to surf from Wi-Fi hotspots safely. It is an easy to use service and people with very little computer literacy can also use it to stay anonymous easily. You can watch overseas streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, M6Play, Canal+, etc. without any restrictions. This VPN will protect your IP address from being followed by Google or HADOPI whenever you surf the internet.


Tariffs and prices

This private VPN service provides you a multitude of features for any plan that you choose. Some of the features offered are unlimited traffic, 54 servers, 3 simultaneous connection free VPNFacile software download and unlimited server switching. The plans are as follows.

• 1 week plan
This plan is priced at $2.27. You will be billed every week.

• 1 month plan
To avail this plan you need to pay $6.81 every month.

• 3 months plan
This plan is priced at $17. You should pay this amount every 3 months to keep this plan alive.

• 6 months plan
If your usage is high you can opt for the 6 month plan to save money. You will be billed $30.67 every 6 months.

• 1year plan
If you are connected to the internet 24 hours a day, then 1 year plan will be beneficial. You need to pay $44.29 once every year to enjoy the service.


Info on servers

There are a total of 54 VPN servers offered by VPNFacile. It is spread over 29 countries and in 3 continents. The maximum numbers of servers are present in Europe. You have the option to choose any server location you want and also change the locations whenever you want to.



The following are the interesting features that are offered by this VPN service to keep you anonymous online.

• Internet connection freedom
No matter you are browsing the internet in any restricted country or in a limited network like colleges; this service will avoid all the imposed restrictions and offer you free internet access. You reach the social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, from your restricted countries without being traced.

• Unlimited TV replay
By downloading this secure VPN software on your computer, you can watch your favorite French site “TV Replay” from anywhere in the world. You can also watch unlimited TF1 replays of plus or 6Play from abroad by being connected to one the server located in France.

• Easy VPN service
All you need is to download VPNFacile for Windows or for any other platforms and within two minutes you will be able to start surfing online on a fake IP address. This way you can avoid being tracked through Google.

• Own network and servers
This VPN does not depend on any provider to offer the VPN service. It has its own data center space, network and servers. There is a proper management of the service on offer and it is adapted to meet the demands of the customers. All the IP addresses are owned by the company.

• Self designed Windows VPN software
The Windows software offered by this VPN is owned, developed and maintained by the company. This software is designed to suit this VPN network. Many of the features offered in the service have been brought out based on user request.


Security and privacy

The VPN service offers a decent security for its users. The encryption protocols used here are PPTP and OpenVPN. It offers 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and hence you need not worry about the security at all when you use this service. All the VPN servers offered here support exchanges through torrent and P2P protocols. It offers maximum of 8 ports opening to enjoy better output while downloading. 


Support service

There is an exclusive help center page offered in the VPNFacile website. There is a wide range of tutorials on offer regarding configuration and installation. You can access the VPNFacile download software page to get access the software for your device. There is support offered in the form of ticket option and using this you can get in touch with the support agent. Use the contact form to get support through email.


Client account

Click on the register option on the home page of the VPNFacile website to open up the registration page. You will be asked to provide the details of your email address, username and password to confirm the registration. Once your account is opened you can download the free software and start accessing the internet through this service. 



If you are using Windows computers, you can download the VPNFacile windows software and also the OpenVPN configuration files. The service is also fully compatible with open VPN and PPTP and hence can be used on popular mobile devices, operating systems and NAS. The supported platforms are android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows. 



VPNFacile is an all inclusive VPN service that offers unlimited access to the VPN service without any traffic restrictions and bandwidth limitations. Both the Windows and Mac VPN clients are offered by dedicated software. This is an SSL VPN server that ensures that your usable data is not compromised online. Even though its monthly and three months charges are on the higher sides there are plenty of features and server options that make it a reliable service.


Update: 01/07/2016