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OpenVPN and PPTP
Key Features:
500GB+ dedicated bandwidth per month; No logging
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

There is no doubt that every internet user might have come across the term Virtual Private Network or VPN. A good VPN service offers you an extra security layer whenever you send and receive data on the internet. You can maintain your online privacy and security even when you are accessing public networks. There will be no worries of data stealing from Wi-Fi hotspots and Firesheep if you are accessing the internet through a reliable VPN service. The internet is loaded with many services that vouch to offer you the best of the best VPN service you can ever come across. You should always choose one that offers you 100% security and privacy, many server locations, bypass regional censorships, top end encryption, unblock websites, work on multiple platforms and many more. One such service that offers most of these features is the VPNBook.

This service uses the latest and most advanced technologies to ensure that you are completely safe from the prying eyes and fraudsters whenever you are online. You are provided with safe and secure PPTP and OpenVPN services from this private VPN service. All your internet traffic is routed through a secure encrypted tunnel so that you can defeat any surveillance on your internet activities by your ISP provider and government snooping agencies.

Why is VPN?

Have a look at this and realize that VPN is required for internet users:

  1. VPN can hide your true IP address and make you confidential online;
  2. VPN can encrypt the traffic passed through the network and make your personal information inaccessible for prying eyes.
  3. VPN can unblock the websites that are geo-restricted in some regions.

One can add other reasons why to use VPN, but those are 3 key reasons.

Let’s turn to VPNBook right now!

Tariffs and prices

There are no charges for any of the plans offered by this VPN service. VPNBook only asks its users to donate anything that they feel like so that the company can offer the best services and servers. It is a free VPN service and you can open free accounts like OpenVPN account or PPTP account.

• Free OpenVPN account
It is the most used and recommended VPN connection all over the world. All you need is to download the secure VPN software and set up OpenVPN for your respective device and you can start surfing anonymously for free. The charges for this plan are: $0 per month.

• Free PPTP VPN account
PPTP is also widely used as it supports many platforms like Windows, Apple, Linux ad PS3. You need not pay a single penny to use the point to point tunneling on your devices.

• Dedicated VPN service
If you are looking to use this VPN service for commercial, business or high end personal use, then opt for the dedicated VPN plan. You are offered 500GB+ bandwidth every month and option to connect to five devices simultaneously. Some of the features offered are: no logging, dedicated VPN server, P2P and VoIP and customizable OpenVPN ports. This plan is charged at $7.95 a month. You are also offered with a 30-day money back guarantee for this plan.   


Server locations

There are limited numbers of servers on offer from this VPN service. It has its servers located in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Germany. There are 2 server locations each in the US and the Europe. The free Euro servers are located in Romania.



There are many features offered by VPNBook to offer you complete peace of mind and freedom whenever you get online.

• Safe and secure anonymity
There are many ISP providers and government agencies carrying out mandatory snooping laws to keep tab of your online activity. This might be quite annoying to you. This VPN offers you 100% anonymity through free Euro VPN servers that need not abide by such laws as it is not prevalent there. You can make use of these servers to prevent the prying eyes from seeing what you are doing online.

• Unlimited bandwidth and speed
No matter you want to watch an HD movie or download a torrent or run an HD app, you need not have to worry about speed restrictions or bandwidth limitations when using this VPN. You can use up to 100GB data every day.

• No website blocking
This VPN does not block any websites or ports. If certain websites or services are blocked in your country, you can make use of any of the other servers on offer to access the content from your region. The whole experience of the internet is at your fingertips.

• Smart CDN fallback
The service provides you with cloud based IP CDN components that will ensure that your traffic is routed through the route that has the least traffic. Hence, you can be assured of network stability at all times. There is also a local backup in offer if the CDN fails.

• Dedicated hardware
There is no need to worry about any compromise in speed of the VPN servers as VPNBook uses its own dedicated servers. The servers are optimized to offer great browsing experience and top quality, speed apart from maintaining your online privacy every time. 


Security and privacy

Two of the most trusted encryption protocols OpenVPN and PPTP are used by this VPN service. Hence, you need not worry about online security whenever you access websites through their servers. The service employs the best encryption techniques on offer like AES-128 and AES-256 bit encryptions. So, just download VPNBook software on your device and start surfing without any inhibitions. The service offers decent privacy as it does not collect any personal information of its users. The internet data of the users is also not stored. The only thing maintained is the user’s IP address and the time you get online.


Support service

You can use the email support address or web form to get in touch with the customer support team. The service lacks live chat support and phone call service.    


Client account

You can sign up for a free account from the VPNBook website. All you need to do is to choose an OpenVPN server of your choice in the Free VPN account page, key in the username and password provided on the page, download VPNBook for Windows, Mac or other platforms from the setup guide and start surfing anonymously.



The VPNBook service works on all popular operating systems and devices like: Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.  

VPNBook  advantages:

VPNBook disadvantages:

  • Advanced 256-bit and 128-bit encrypting can protect the information your transfer;
  • OpenVPN, which is believed to be the safest one, is disposable;
  • No logs are kept for a long period of time (as it is mentioned on the site). That’s vital for online privacy.
  • No bandwidth limits, which means there are no data limits;
  • P2P is available, so you can download torrents anonymously.
  • Only two encrypting protocols are offered;
  • Logs are collected (but deleted every week).
  • 3 VPN server locations are suggested.


If you are looking to use VPN occasionally and do not have lots of money to shell out, then VPNBook is a great solution for you.


Update: 24/02/2018