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Unlimited bandwidth; Use on 5 Devices; Dedicated IP option; Anti-DNS Leak; Instant Activation
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

You might have come across the term VPN regularly when accessing the internet. A VPN service is one that will encrypt all your internet traffic through their service in order to provide security and privacy when you go online. It will also help in enhancing your streaming or web surfing experience. Your ISP will not be able to spy on your online activities and keep a control on your speeds if you are using a reliable VPN service. With the increasing amount of identity and data theft occurring in the cyber space, it is clear that every internet user must be prepared to use the best VPN service providers to surf without any issues. One such VPN is the VPNArea.

The major advantages that you enjoy from this service are: better surfing and streaming, internet privacy, 5 simultaneous device connectivity, affordable yearly plans, anti-DNS leak, no logs policy, etc.


Tariffs and prices

This private VPN service offers three different convenient plans to meet your VPN needs. 

• One month plan
The membership fee for this plan is $9.90. You will be billed every month. The features included in this plan are: unlimited bandwidth, instant activation, 7 day money back guarantee, 5 devices support, etc.

• Six month plan
You will be billed $50 to use this plan. You will need to make the payment once every 6 months. By opting this plan, your monthly payment will be reduced to $8.33

• One year plan
This plan is billed at $59 and you pay it once a year. By choosing this plan, you save 49% and your monthly payment is just $4.92.

The features that you get for the 1 year and 6 month plans are the same and they include: access to servers from 50 countries, multi-platform support, AES -256 encryption, dedicated IP option, etc.


Server info

This is a good VPN service that has its own servers located in 54 countries spread all over the world. At present, there are over 190 servers in important countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Japan, United States, United Kingdom and many more.



There are plenty of features on offer for users who download VPNArea software.

• 5 simultaneous connections
With a single account, you can enjoy the VPNArea service on your computers and smart phones. You can also share your account with the loved ones in your home.

• Anti-WebRTC leak system
The WebRTC can leak your IP address even if you are using a VPN service it mainly affects Google Chrome or Firefox browsers used on windows with anti-web RTC leak system in place you need not worry about IP address leaks.

• No logs policy
The service does not keep any activity logs of their users. So, the identity of the user cannot be detected at all. The bandwidth usage is logged.

• Anti-DNS leak feature
Your ISP can check out the details of the website you have visited. The same can be done by internet hackers and government agencies. This service uses anti-DNS leak to prevent IP address leak using IPv6.

• Killswitch system
This feature will instantly stop your internet connection if it detects a VPN disconnection. This way your real IP address will be safe.

• Dedicated IP
This is an add-on feature on offer for VPNArea download users. This is priced at $15 a year. You will enjoy your own IP address and you will also get a private VPN server to access websites. The speed of your connection remains the same at all times.

• Unlimited bandwidth
This VPN does not put any limitations for the amount of data that you can download from the internet. There are no limitations on the speed as well. Therefore, your ISP will not be able to carry out any speed throttling on your IP address.

• Users online feature
This is a special feature offered for VPNArea users that shows the amount of users that are connected to a server. You can thereby opt for servers with minimum or zero users to enjoy maximum speed.


Security and privacy

The standard packages use shared static IP addresses and hence many members will be using the same IP address. This will make it difficult and impossible to check out the behavior of a particular user on the internet. Also the VPN does not keep any log of the user activity and hence you can enjoy greater privacy and security. This company is registered in Bulgaria and is hosted in Switzerland; hence using this SSL VPN service will offer you the best online privacy. The OpenVPN and the L2TP are the two supported encryption protocols the Open VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption with 2048 keys and SHA256.


Support service

There is a detailed FAQ page on offer where you get general info about this service. There is online chat on offer on the website where you will get clarifications to your doubts from a technically knowledgeable customer support agent. This service is not offered 24 hours. You can key in email and your message in the support box and you will get a reply within 24 hours.


Client account

The signing up to get access to VPNArea software download is easy and will take only a couple of minutes. You will be asked a few personal details along with a username and password to complete your sign up process. The payment methods are PayPal, credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, etc.



The VPNArea for Mac is great software and offers better setup guides for all devices. It has its own windows VPN client known as chameleon that connects instantly to any chosen server. This client allows you to change ports and OpenVPN easily.



The monthly price for the VPNArea service is a bit high, but the yearly subscription is very reasonable. With many positives like low cost dedicated IP, Killswitch app, 256-bit AES encryption, P2P downloading and many more this service stands among the best in the business.


Update: 01/07/2016