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OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec and PPTP
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Unlimited Speeds; Unlimited traffic; Unlimited bandwidth
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

VPNs offer the maximum level of protection with sophisticated encryption as well as authentication rules, which protect information from unlawful access. While you make any personal virtual channel between the VPN provider and your PC and browse different websites, your own VPN account may give some security, which you didn’t have earlier. Thus, you may now play to engage one of the VPN network providers - VPN.ac.

VPN.ac is a Romania-based VPN provider and it offers international server settings in lots of countries. Besides, it also backs up all the common protocols, related to VPN. VPN.ac keeps on creating a loyal client base, which depends on first-class solutions. In the following VPN.ac review, you can find the other details of the company.


Tariffs and prices

The package for VPN services from VPN.ac is all-comprehensive and it is available at about $9 on every month. There is also a one-year package that costs about $58. It means that your monthly payment will turn out to be almost $4 per month. Besides, like many other VPN agencies, VPN.ac also offers one-week risk-free trial together with the cash back assurance. Moreover, you may also choose another trial account, which is accessible at only $2 and this account may remain valid for only seven days that seem to be a good deal for you. The VPN service package of the company gives access to their servers, found in twelve countries.


Information on Servers

VPN.ac provides sixty servers that are present in more than twenty countries; however, the company is presently trying to expand this list as soon as possible.



One of the most excellent opportunities, offered by the company is three real-time connections, no matter what package you have selected. It presents all VPN-related Protocols - Open VPN, L2TP/ISEC and PPTP in UDN and TCP. Many servers are about one-gigabyte with extensive bandwidth in ten countries – P2P is useful in Romania, Netherlands and Sweden, and it makes sure that the transfers of your data maintain the best security level.

VPN.ac only can also give you data transfer (1 TB) on every month, with most of their packages. It may be acceptable for all the average users.


Security and Privacy

The privacy policy or the safety system of the company will surely please you. VPN.ac does not keep the record of their user’s activities, though it maintains only a few connection logs that are placed on an individual, encrypted server. However, such data is automatically removed on a regular basis. Though many users prefer- no logs anything rules, the major connection records may not cause any risk to their privacy. VPN.ac is a Romania-based company, and thus, according to EU Data Retention guidelines, VPN service providers should not keep the logs.

From the standpoint of the technical securities also, this VPN service is very reliable. The encryption for OpenVPN is about 256-bit AES, while for L2TP/IPSec, it is nearly 256-bit. To satisfy the needs of most of the users, OpenVPN (128-bit) and L2TP (256-bit) are perhaps perfect options. The best security aspect in VPN.ac is realized in the use of 4096 bit RSA that is extremely difficult to be breached or cracked, and thus, it ensures complete protection to the users.

Another important feature, found in this service provider, is the use of shared or common IP address. It indicates that more than one user is allocated with the same address for accessing the internet.


Support service

It is one of the surprising facts that VPN.ac presents strong customer support. In fact, there are four options to access their support team- ticket on the website, Skype system, live chat and email. If you want to speak using live chat, the website remains active from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. However, email response is quite punctual just as a ticket submitting system on the website. Online chat is very helpful for those, who are searching for instant solutions problem, while Skype chat may be best for the present clients.

In addition to it, the website has vast information in the Tutorials part that includes the answer to all issues, related to operating systems. It also comprises the guides to set up VPN links, DNS leak testing, network routers and protection of IP leak. Besides, an FAQ segment on the site also includes every area that any new user likes to know prior to choosing their services. There are questions about the security, solution or compatibility of all services.


Client account

Signing up the process for getting the service of VPN.ac is quite simple. Just enter an email address and your name when you want to pay by means of PayPal. You may also pay through Bitcoins. Besides, the company accepts more than seventy payment categories, including a number of prepaid cards.



VPN.ac deals with a huge range of platforms, including Tomato routers and DD-WRT routers. The services from this company have become more developed in due course, and currently, it delivers its own VPN.ac VPN for Mac and Windows Operating System. It has made the installation process much each for any platform. However, when you need to arrange the VPN connect with some other platforms, such as iOS, Android or Linux, you do not need to be concerned about it because VPN.ac presents thorough and comprehensible tutorials to assist you in the procedure. VPN.ac VPN software may be set up with no problem and it gives a simple and clean interface, which enables in easy accessibility to every available feature. It shows connection ports as well as the sites that you have to choose.

The company also offers the proxy plug-in that may be helpful to those, who are utilizing the browsers, like Chrome. This proxy enables your online traffic to get encrypted.



VPN.ac has done several things to offer a reliable, convenient and safe service. Though their price rate is not quite low, their service functions well, besides giving wonderful customer assistance. While you look for any powerful private VPN service in order to secure your online privacy, VPN.ac can be the best solution.


Update: 08/06/2016