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It is an evident fact that due to our need for security and for driving encrypted data through a system, VPN technologies have been created. To protect your data from the eyes of the hackers, it is essential to hire VPN service providers, and one of these providers is VPN4ALL.

VPN4All is a well-recognized and reliable VPN service provider, set up in 2009. This is a Netherland-based company that provides open VPN servers along with an absolutely safe experience to all its users. All their servers are perfect not only for professional users, but also for common users, who are deciding to avoid basic GEOIP limitations.


Tariffs and prices

VPN4ALL has made plans for monthly, yearly and quarterly terms. However, the subscription for the annual package is the most excellent deal. There is VPN4ALL Unlim package, which enables you to enjoy unlimited downloading and streaming, and the monthly charge for this plan is €16.95. However, the more extensive deals are also available; for example, three-month package costs €43.00. Another similar plan, offered by the company is VPN4ALL 50 but the download on every month is limited to only 50 GB, and its cost is presently €9.95 for every month. For tab and phone users, there is another package - VPN4ALL Mobile, which is quite inexpensive (€5.95) but much restricted (5 GB).

You may also test VPN4ALL’s VPN service in order to see whether they fulfill your requirements. Besides, to assist you, the company also offers thirty-day cash back option with maximum usage of 100 MB. Whether you register for yearly or monthly term, it is possible to terminate the subscription during the initial one month for a complete refund.



The network of VPN4ALL includes an extensive range of areas all over the globe. In total, they offer over 500 servers that are presently accessible in fifty countries, such as UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, France and many more. It is likely that you will get the area that prefers an increase in the browsing speed. It is also outstanding for those, who are planning to stay away from GEOIP limitations by using the content of a different nation.



VPN4All presents you with a variety of plans, enabling you to get the best one for your purpose. Their basic plan from VPN4All is designed for simple browsing, and it works on Mac and Windows. The bandwidth limit for this plan is 50 GB on a monthly basis. However, the notable fact is that VPN4All has over 10,000 IPs in more than eight locations.

Another thing, which is to be remembered about VPN4All, is that this VPN service provider goes through public setups, linking your PC to a protected VPN system by building an encrypted channel. Such encryption is a very significant facet of any VPN solution. After accessing the safe VPN system, the traffic is passed on from the server of VPN4All after getting entrusted with a new shared IP. Such function offers you complete anonymity in this online world.


Security and privacy

VPN4ALL is best, if you review it from the standpoint of privacy and security. The company has clearly mentioned their unique logging rules and offer high-quality encryption to protect your privacy on the web. They never store your private data except your email ID that is provided during the sign-up. They use Google Analytics for analyzing traffic, but they do not record any type of private details. And this feature is intended for all the packages, presented by the company.


Support service

As VPN4All is one of the prominent VPN companies, it offers the best possible support to their clients. They provide a wide-ranging knowledgebase in order to help people, who have general issues along with a range of guides so that the users will not find any difficulty throughout the procedure. The website of VPN4All is also equipped with 24-hours’ live chat service, with the help of which, you may get instant assistance from a proficiently skilled customer support agent. VPN4All also presents email assistance with ticket system, which you can utilize to get responses to the urgent queries or problems.


Client account

The foremost step to use the service of VPN4ALL is to create an account on the website. After providing your personal information, you can select the payment alternatives, such as Visa, PayPal and MasterCard. You may also pay them using your Bitcoin. When the payment is verified and confirmed, you may receive an email that comprises a link, with which you may access the right place for downloading the secure VPN software.



VPN4ALL VPN download is easily possible with all kinds of desktop and mobile platforms. For instance, if you are Mac or Windows users, then you may get your connections, which are done through OpenSSL. Though their software may be set up on more than one device, it may be utilized only with a single gadget at a time.

For the iOS users, free app has been offered by VPN4ALL. You may download this app from the iTunes app store. To get a flawless performance, your mobile needs to have iOS version 4.3 or higher. The app supports iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, but it is not compatible with iPhone 5. While you fix your iOS app of VPN4ALL on iPad or iPhone, it may allow you to select the preferred server site. After that, it’ll arrange an account on your device in order to link to the server.  Besides, with your Android phone also, you can use the app, choosing the right package.



VPN4ALL may be appealing to the customers due to the high flexibilities of their server locations across a number of nations. The software program is also simple to set up and utilize; however, it has lots of options for higher networking while they are needed. Though the prices of VPN4ALL’s services are slightly costlier than what you get in some other sources, their level of quality is quite better compared to others, and you will surely get the value of your payment.

Update: 08/06/2016