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OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec
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High level Security & Encryption; Online Privacy & Anonymity; 24/7 Support; 7 Days Money Back Guarantee; Unlimited Data Transfer & Server Switches
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

VPN services have now become popular as the simplest option to care for your security in the online domain. Lots of people are going for this easy solution for protecting their personal data, accessing all the available contents in this world and blocking the attempts of surveillance. With the blockage of an IP address as well as encryption of your activities, VPNs offer you an absolutely anonymous session of browsing. It indicates that you will get protection from hackers, and at the same time, administrative surveillance plans cannot find your activities.

Besides, even when you are in places like the UAE or China, where much of the contents remain blocked, you may have access to those things with VPN. The increasing recognition of such services has led to the development of many companies, which compete among themselves. Now, you may have a glance at one of those companies- VPN Unlimited.

The parent agency of VPN Unlimited is KeepSolid, USA-based Software Corporation, which provides different apps and software, such as, Wi-Fi hotspot protector. VPN Unlimited works on PPTP as well as L2TP/IPSec encryption systems on iOS and Mac, with OpenVPN, which is the safest option.


Tariffs and prices

VPN Unlimited, the private VPN service, offers a number of subscription levels, along with the discounts and benefits, in accordance with the duration of your signup. A 10-day plan costs about $1.99, which indicates the affordable price of $3.99 on every month. According to value, the best plan is perhaps the yearly package, although many of the users may not want to go for the long-term plan. However, one of the advantages, which can be enjoyed from VPN Unlimited, is that the company offers Vacation Plan ($1.99) for ten days. Thus, you may, at first, test their services before investing money.

You may also get Infinity plan, which allows you to utilize a VPN service indefinitely, and presently the discounted cost of this package is about $129.99. Every deal has an option of seven-day cash back guarantee.



The servers from VPN Unlimited are in more than thirty-nine nations (data centers, located in over fifty areas) including the country of Australia that is often neglected by most of the VPN providers. 5 servers of this company are allotted specifically for Romania, California, Luxembourg, France and Quebec. All the remaining servers aren’t allowed in the case of P2P file-sharing practice.



If you like to have high speed, VPN Unlimited may be the best option, and in fact, the speedy connection and disconnection is the factor that has made the company popular. The most important thing, which you may find, while using the service, is that all the long distance connections never hold back your own progress. Most of the users have been satisfied for this feature.

Unlike many other companies in the same field, VPN Unlimited does not reveal any issue of IPV6. DNS leak safety also performs quite well as most of the users have not found the leakage of DNS.


Security and privacy

There are some things that you have to consider, in the matter of privacy. Firstly, to most of the users, security protocol of the company is not clear. Besides, no setting is present in Windows software, which allows you to choose safety protocols. It is for the reason that there is just the only kind of safety for Windows, and it is OpenVPN, along with an encryption of 256-bit. Mac OS makes use of IPSec; the same thing may be said for iOS apps, on the encryptions of 128-bit.
Privacy rule of the company mentions that it doesn’t save and record user activities. Any storage of data on the part of the provider may work to mainly undo the anonymity or privacy.


Support service

You can get systematic professional support from the teams, at VPN Unlimited. Both email support and live chat formats are available for you. The service providers always remain prepared with comprehensive responses.

Support is available readily either from the user account or homepage anytime. Besides, the live chat system with the support technologies from VPN Unlimited is active all the time. You may also plan to involve in their email discussion, if you want more thorough help. Moreover, on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, VPN Unlimited has created its existence. The informative FAQ section in the website is also not absent.


Client account

You may download tailored client of VPN Unlimited from the website that has the connection to Google Play, Amazon, Windows Store and Apple Store, on the basis of OS. For the registration process, there is a need of valid email together with a password. However, you can apply fake information and Bitcoins for the payment. So, in this way, you can avoid unnecessary disclosure of your identity. It may be the most excellent option to protect anonymity. KeepSolid allows PayPal and all main credit cards, although anyone concerned on privacy issue must utilize Bitcoins. The company will deliver a confirmation email to you, when you have subscribed.



The secure VPN software from VPN Unlimited supports all the standard devices. All the major operating systems, like Mac OS X, Linux and Windows XP SP+ may be used, when you are utilizing the service of VPN Unlimited. Mobile gadgets are also highly supported with the apps for Windows OC, iOS and Android. Moreover, DDR-WRT and Apple TV routers are backed up in order to have all the devices online with VPN connection.



Overall, it may be said that accessibility and speed are the two positive features, which you may find in the service of VPN Unlimited. Moreover, the website is also of stylish design, and there is a functional customized client. Besides, the price rate is also much lower, although there are a number of minor discrepancies, which may be irritating. The details about their safety protocols are also not sufficiently provided. The other things that may not satisfy the users are the servers and their locations. Finally, though P2P isn’t prohibited, its accessibility may not be considered as the best one.


October 13/2016
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