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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
Key Features:
No speed limitation; No data bandwidth limitation; No limit in switching between regions; Unblock Facebook and Youtube; Wifi Hotspot Security
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Are you looking for a VPN that offers great connection speed and instant data encryption? Do you want to subscribe to a modern and reliable VPN service that will instantly hide your real IP address and your browsing activity whenever you get online? Is the geo-restriction in your country from gaining access to your favorite web services and websites? Well, VPN in Touch is one of the best VPN service providers that will offer you all the above things. It will instantly switch your real IP address to a fake one and also pass your IP address through an encrypted tunnel to connect with the server so that no one will be able to access your sensitive information. Blocked sites are a thing of the past as this good VPN service will switch your IP address to a different location, so that you gain freedom to visit blocked sites like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, BBCiPlayer, etc., from the respective country’s servers.

The benefits that you get by downloading its secure VPN software are: Wi-Fi hotspot security, bypass internet restrictions, ad-blocking mode for mobile, unlimited server switching, 3 device simultaneous connection and no speed or data limitation.


Tariffs and prices 

There are different plans and prices on offer from this private VPN service. You have the option to choose any plan, but fit your budget and needs. All the plans offer the same features and the difference is only in their pricing.

• 1 month plan
This plan is offered for $4.99 and is billed every month. 

• 3 months plan
This plan is priced $11.99. You will be billed once in 3 months, you save 20% when compared to monthly plans and it comes to $4 a month. 

• 1 year plan
This plan is priced $29.99, which roughly about $2.5 a month. You will be billed annually. You save 51% when you opt for this plan.

• 3 year plan
To avail this plan, you have to pay $64.99 once in 3 years. It roughly comes to $ 1.8 a month and you save 64% in comparison to one month plan.


Server info

There are 25 servers on offer from this VPN service. The servers are located in 8 important countries of the world. The United States have the maximum of 15 servers. The other server locations include the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Canada and Germany.



With VPN in Touch download you enjoy a host of features that will help you to keep visiting your favorite websites anonymously.

• No content restrictions
No matter where you are placed, you will be able to access sites like Netflix, BBCiPlayer, etc. without any hassles. There are many countries where restrictions are in place for such streaming services. With this VPN you can bypass all content restrictions.

• Security at Wi-Fi hotspots
Accessing the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots like café, malls, airports, government offices, educational institutions, etc., make your IP address soft target for sniffers and hackers. They can easily reach your private data and sensitive information. With this VPN service you can access any site from such hotspots with any safety and security fears.

• Privacy protection
Your IP address will instantly be hid from the prying eyes of internet fraudsters and snooping agencies. You can browse websites without any fear as your online identity is completely sealed by the VPN service. This service will automatically switch on, whenever you go online hence you will surf the web anonymously.

• Mobile data saving
Whenever you use mobile 3G or 4G data plan on your mobile you are bound to lose your bandwidth. If you have the VPN in Touch software download to your mobile phone, you can surf any website without bandwidth limitations. This way you save your data offered on your mobile data plan.

• Ad-blocking mode
This is another interesting feature that you will enjoy when you use this VPN service on your mobile. This mode will clear all the obstructive ads that will show up on your mobile screen and thus saves your surfing time. 


Security and privacy

Like most VPN services, VPN in Touch also offers better internet security whenever you connect to the internet. It will tunnel your data packets through proxy servers located in many countries of the world and thereby your online activities are safely hidden. It offers an impressive data encryption by using trusted protocols like PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and Open VPN. All your data are encrypted before it is sent over the internet. The data encryption also works on third party apps like Facebook, Viber, Skype, Twitter and others.


Support service

There is a detailed support page on offer from this VPN. You will find information about the VPN and VPN in Touch in the introductory package. There are clear details and information given on how to set up the VPN connection in various devices in the “Get Started” option of the support page. There is also a detailed FAQ page where you can find answers to your questions. If you cannot find an answer here then, opt for the “Submit a Request” option. You key in your email address and your query and the support staff member will respond to your email as early as possible. 


Client account

Click on the “order now” option under the plan of your choice in the pricing overview page. You will be directed to assign up page where you need to enter your email and password. Complete the process that shows up and make the payment for the respective plan to download VPN in Touch for Mac or other mobile devices.



All popular mobile platforms and operating systems like Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Mac OSX and Windows OS are supported by this service.



This is an excellent privacy protection for people who browse on the web with positives like data encryption, firewall bypass, top-quality data encryption, etc.; it is one of the most trusted VPN client services for mobile devices. You get additional features like mobile data saving and ad-blocker mode from this VPN.


Update: 01/07/2016