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No traffic limit; No logs; Additional firewall
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Everyone loves to use the internet to do many things like: find news from around the world, watch movies, listen to music, send emails, online shopping, etc. Most of the people using the internet will stay connected for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours a day. There are many businesses that share sensitive and important information and documents over the internet. But, are you aware that there are many hackers, fraudsters and government agencies that are tracking your activities online and are also trying to access your sensitive information? Well, the fraudsters and internet hackers can make use of your sensitive information to create crimes in your name or to get access to your bank account details. To surf the internet safely without being watched by anyone, you need to make use of a reliable VPN service. 
VPN One Click is a straightforward and dependable app that masks your IP address whenever you get online so that no one will be able to trace your IP at all. You will be surfing the internet using another IP address offered by this good VPN service and you access the websites through their reliable VPN servers. The advantages that this private VPN service offers include: choosing a specific country to connect, secured encryption, no limits bandwidth and speed, multiple device connectivity, max 10 devices connected through Wi-Fi router, bitcoin payment, etc. 
Tariffs and prices    
Like many of the other best VPN service providers, VPN One Click offers both free VPN options as well as paid plans. You can enjoy unlimited free access to Android, Windows and Linux OS and devices. Download VPN One Click for Mac to enjoy free VPN access for a limited time on your Mac OS X as well as for iOS devices. For the free VPN access, you will only be offered connectivity through the European servers.
To enjoy fast and dedicated VPN services, you need to opt for the Elite version plans on offer at the following prices:  
•    3 months Elite plan
To avail this plan, you have to pay $9.99 every 3 months to enjoy the plan on Android tablets and phones. If you opt for the monthly payment, then the price shoots to $4.99 a month.
•    1 year Elite plan for any computers
If you are using Mac, Linux, Windows OS computers, you are offered with a 1 year plan priced at $19.99, billed every year.  You will have to pay $2.99 a month if you opt to pay monthly.  
•    Yearly Elite plan for iOS devices
To access VPN One Click software on your iPhone and iPad, you need to pay $9.99 every year. The monthly option will come at a price of $1.99. 
•    Elite plan for Windows phones, and Tablets
This VPN service is offered for Windows phone and tablet users. To use it, you need to pay $1.99 every month or $19.99 once every year or $10.99 every six months.  
Server information
This VPN has servers located in 29 countries all over the world. You are provided with the option of changing your IP address and switching to any server of your choice as and when you wish. Some of the popular countries where you will find VPN One Click servers are: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, etc.  
Once you download this secure VPN software, you are offered a host of attractive features to keep you anonymous online. 
•    Guaranteed privacy
The service offers you safe and secure communication with any other internet application by staying anonymous online. It offers 100% privacy and hence no one will be able to spoof, track or check out your online activity anymore. 
•    No relationship maintenance
The service will not keep any records of your connection or the IP address that you are using to connect to the outside internet world. Hence, you need not worry about being tracked by government agencies or snoopers. 
•    Same IP address option
Every time you connect to the internet through the VPN service, the server will change. You have the option of surfing the web with the same IP address or even change the IP address whenever you want to. 
•    No limitations
You will not face any bandwidth or traffic limitations when you use this VPN. You get a super fast connection at all times. 
The other attractive features are
•    Additional virtual firewall protection.
•    No personal data maintenance and no connection logs.
•    Unlocks all blocked sites.
•    Offers access to VoIP applications.
Security and privacy
With VPN One Click software download for your device, you can be sure of enjoying better and secure encryption online. The internet communication is encrypted through 128-bit PPTP encryption and 256-bit L2TP/IPSec encryption. This service guarantees you 100% privacy and hence no worries about connection logs and personal data maintenance.
Support service
There is a dedicated support website to offer from this VPN. You can get answers to your queries 24 x7 through this service. There is also a live consultant online on the website to offer you live chat support. 
Client account
Visit the download page from your respective device and tap on the VPN One Click download free application for your device to get the software for free. The installation happens automatically. You can pay for the plan that you opt for directly from your device using Bitcoin, PayPal and iTunes.
This VPN offers multiple platform support for OS and devices like: Windows, Mac and Linux computers; Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets; PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 gaming consoles; Apple TV; Smart TV, Amazon Kindle and all devices that use Wi-Fi.   
VPN One Click offers you easy navigation and communication with any internet application like VoIP, email, web, etc. The positives are 100% privacy, decent to and fro data encryption, multiple device connectivity, lowest plan pricing, wide server network, virtual firewall, etc. It lacks a bit on the client support service. Overall, this VPN offers all the features that you find from the best services in this industry.


Update: 01/07/2016