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L2TP/IPSec, MS-SSTP, OpenVPN and also SoftEther VPN
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It is an unfortunate fact that nowadays cyber protection is turning out to be a major problem. Many people, who use the internet daily, are facing the risk of becoming the victim of cyber criminals. A mere firewall is not sufficient to protect the ever increasing demand for online access. The good news is that VPN can give the ultimate solution.

When you search for any VPN service providers through Google, you may find the names of a lot of companies. Though their services are almost same, the quality may differ, and that is why you need to evaluate those services.

VPN Gate has gained its status as a private VPN service, and now you can find a comprehensive review of this company. It is one of the non-commercial Virtual Private Network solutions and was built by a university in Japan. Moreover, this service was introduced in order to explore a good dispersed VPN structure. This is also SoftEther VPN’s (free multi-protocol plan) side-project.


Tariffs and prices

As VPNGate is a free service, no plan of pricing is there. Thus, you have no option to choose the package, according to your budget plan. This free service offers freedom as well as anonymity to access the preferred content. In accordance with the official website of VPNGate, all services will be available at free of cost all the time because the main aim of creating this kind of VPN network is not to earn money; rather, it is intended to do a research successfully. So, when you are too much worried about the issue of money, you may choose VPNGate.



VPN Gate provides VPN accesses from many parts of the world. Their VPN servers are also contributed by the online users who are present in different areas of the globe. Therefore, it becomes easy to have an IP address from any of the desired locations and release restricted content as well as paid services, which are accessible just to the citizens of that nation.

On the basis of the server, to which you are connected, it is achievable to enjoy some services, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Deezer, RTL, Zattoo, Arte and many more. It does not matter what your present geographical address is. As the servers are not co-positioned at only one site, it may be quite difficult for Hulu, Netflix or the service providers to prevent the users.



There are mainly three benefits that you will surely receive while making use of the service, from VPNGate. You may get around any online restriction or censorship and browse the web in an anonymous way. Besides, you will also have protected links on many Wi-Fi hotspots. This feature is, in fact, not new in this world of the VPN. Obviously, many of the popular VPN service providers include such features. However, one thing, which has made VPN Gate unique, is that you can have all these things without making any investment.



As one of the aspects of anti-abuse strategy, Tsukuba University has made it apparent that they maintain the connection logs for only 3 months. The data is sent out to their site from all servers of VPN Gate. Whenever there is any criminal or illegal behavior, all those logs are delivered to authority.

Besides, each of the server volunteers may decide on the amount of time for which they have to maintain those logs (generally each server prefers two weeks). Obviously, there is no option of assuring the credentials of any server volunteer; they may discard the logs while they agree to do so.

Thus, VPN Gate may be referred to as the tool of anti-public and anti-restriction Wi-Fi hacking. It is, of course, not good for all those users, who need a very high standard of confidentiality and anonymity. From the technical standpoint, SoftEther VPN is very safe, utilizing AES encryption (256-bit) and RSA encryption (4096-bit).


Support service

If you are in high need of the best customer support team to get all solutions about VPNs, then VPN Gate is not for you. It is because the company has not created any dedicated channel for giving support to the customers. However, as a user, you may get the chance to post all your queries and have help from some other associates through the forum of VPN Gate. But, many users have said that their forum is quite empty. Besides, there is no option for carrying out live chat with the company. The only thing, which seems to be helpful, is the FAQ portion.


Client account

The company does not provide connections for the multiple devices. It indicates that by means of a single account with VPNGate, you may be able to connect on a single gadget. As their services are accessible at free of cost, you may create the accounts as many as you desire. You can easily install them on your device in order to use at the same time.



A good number of available platforms are supported by VPN Gate, and thus, in terms of compatibility, VPN Gate may get high ratings from the customers. VPN protocols differ, according to the OS that is used. If you download the VPN Gate VPN for windows, the protocols that are supported include L2TP/IPSec, MS-SSTP, OpenVPN and also SoftEther VPN. Besides, when you download the VPN Gate VPN for Mac, Android and iOS are OpenVPN along with L2TP/IPSec. The process of installation is quite simple; what you need is to cover three steps- download, unzip and install.



VPN Gate isn’t any common service of the VPN. It includes a number of exceptional features, which you may not get on many VPN providers. After using their service, you will surely like to give thanks to the team of the VPN Gate for performing something to meet the requirements of its users. However, some users have stated that the company does not offer absolute anonymity, and it is perhaps the only major concern that you may experience with the services of VPN Gate.


Update: 08/06/2016