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High Speed; Lower User Densities; Dedicated Servers; Fully Optimized OpenVPN Settings
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Are you feeling that you are not experiencing the kind of online privacy on the internet that you had experienced before? Do you feel that your ISP provider is keeping a tag of your online activities and is resulting in speed throttling? Whenever you access websites online or communicate with websites, there is no encryption or security for the data. It can be easily accessed by any third party present online. They can alter, store, sell or use it against you. In order to safeguard your online data and communication, you need to hire the services of a good VPN service provider. These services will ensure that all your data is transmitted through an encrypted tunnel from your device to the servers and hence no third person will be able to access your data or alter it.

One of the best VPN service providers that you will come across online is VikingVPN. This VPN offers you a fast and reliable VPN service that ensures that you always stay anonymous online. Some of the advantages you can enjoy by making use of this private VPN service are: dedicated servers, clustered servers, multi device compatibility, 1Gbps connection, no logs, shared IP address, growing server locations, premium high speed VPN service, etc.


Tariffs and prices 

The VikingVPN offers premium service and hence you will find the rates to be slightly higher for the plans on offer from this good VPN service. Once you sign up for an account, you get access to all resources and servers. You can connect up to 5 devices with a single account. You have options to pay for the plans using Bitcoin and dash. If you are not satisfied with the service on offer, then you have the liberty to cancel your account within the first 14 days of its activation. You will be repaid the full plan amount.

• Monthly plan
To enjoy this plan on your computers or Smart phones, you need to shell out $14.95. You will find the service to deduct this amount from your account every month as you sign up for an account with a recurring payment option.

• 6 months plan
If your usage is high, then you can choose this plan. You need to pay an upfront amount of $71.70 to make use of this plan. You will be deducted $71.70 from your account every 6 months. This plan makes your monthly investment, reduce to $11.95 a month.

• Yearly plan
This is the best plan to enjoy premium VPN services round the clock. You pay $119.88 once every 12 months to enjoy this plan. The monthly expenses for this plan come to about $9.99 a month.


Server information

With the VikingVPN software download, you can make use of the any of the servers to access the internet. All the servers are located in clusters so that you always get optimal speed when browsing websites. The servers are located in the US, Netherlands and Romania. In the US, you will find the VikingVPN servers at: Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago and Phoenix.



Some of the attractive features on offer when you make use of the secure VPN software of this service are:

• Clustered and dedicated servers
When you get connected to the VPN server of this service, you are instantly getting connected to a bunch of servers. You will be placed onto the server that offers the most amount of raw bandwidth. So, you do not need to look out for the best server to connect to. You will not see any server outages and you will find that you are always connected to a speed VPN server. Only bare-metal servers are used by this service and you will not find any virtual servers. This way you can enjoy 100% of server resources every time.

• High speed connections
Each of the servers has dedicated 1Gbps connection and there is no sharing of connection between two servers. Hence, you are assured of blazing speeds 24 hours a day.

• More bandwidth per user
Unlike other VPN providers, VikingVPN offers maximum bandwidth for every user. You can stay connected to the servers 24x7 without any slackness in speed.

• No logging
This VPN offers you 100% privacy as it does not keep any logs of your online activities at all.

• Shared IP address
Your real IP address will be masked and you will be surfing the web using an anonymous and shared IP address. Your traffic will be seen to be coming from the same IP address where there are hundreds of users.


Security and privacy

This VPN service starts the connection with a 4096-bit RSA encrypted handshake. All your data passes through an encrypted tunnel that is protected by 256-bit AES CBC bit encryption. The VPN makes use of OpenVPN protocol. You are offered with fully optimized OpenVPN settings so that the end user speeds always is at its best.


Customer support

There is a customer support page on offer in its website where you need to key in your email address, subject and your message that you need clarification for. You will receive answers to your queries from one of the founders of the service within 24 hours.


Client account

Click on the sign up option on the VikingVPN homepage and you will be taken to the plans and pricing page. Click on the plan that you wish to use and you will be directed to sign up page where you will be asked to fill in a lot of the particulars like email, name, postal code, credit card details and finally tap on sign up option to register a new account. Look for the VikingVPN software for your respective device and its setup guide to install and start using the service.



This VPN service offers support to almost all popular operating systems and devices like Windows OS, windows phones and tablets, Mac OS X, Android devices, iOS devices and Ubuntu OS. So, Mac users can make use of VikingVPN for Mac.



The VikingVPN is a premium VPN service that offers you all the things you need to keep others from peeping into your online business. It is not for the average internet user as it comes with higher priced plans.


Update: 01/07/2016