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OpenVPN and PPTP
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Today, one of the most important things which internet users look out for is their privacy while surfing. With the market becoming more and more competitive, businesses are investing in technology that allows them to know your browsing habits, your location, the device you are using and so much more. Obviously, this is not a really comfortable thing for a majority of internet users considering that hackers are using the same tricks as genuine businesses to steal personal information. This is why Unotelly.com is here.

Unotelly.com is a secure VPN service provider which lets you have access to 330 channels which are restricted or censored mainly because of your location. Unotelly.com was formed with the aim of helping its customers access their best websites irrespective of their location on the globe. You can watch U.K TV channels or access an Australian website which is not normally accessible in your locality. The company’s popularity is immense globally because it makes streaming so easy and affordable. You will be able to do all this and so much more legally on this site.


Becoming a member at Unotelly.com

The prices of the VPV services that the company offers are universal. However, much as the features are universally the same, the price varies depending on the duration one uses the service. Given the freedom which these plans offer customers, the price tag that comes with the plans is probably a little one to pay. Here are the plans;


Gold Plan

The cost for this package is $7.95 per month. You can, however, save some money by subscribing to the quarterly option which sees you pay $6.65. When you subscribe to the half year option, you will pay $6.16 while the deal becomes exceedingly sweeter for annual subscribers who get to pay only $4.93 per month on average.

The Gold plan combines UnoDNS and UnoVPN services. This plan gives you 100% secured UnoDNS resolution from more than 30 countries. This service can be enjoyed in 8 different languages. The service is provided using remote servers located in the U.K, USA, and the Netherlands. An additional advantage that comes with this plan is the option to request service coverage as well as getting unlimited access to UnoVPN with PPTP and OpenVPN protocol support.


Premium Plan

The monthly cost is $4.95 while paying for the same service yearly will cost you $3.94 per month. You can opt to go for the quarterly subscription option which sets you back $4.32 per month on average. If you pay twice a year, the monthly charge will come to $4.16.

Just like the gold plan, you will also enjoy 100% secured UnoDNS resolution from over 30 countries. There are no commitments required from you, hence making it possible to cancel the contract with this VPN service provider online anytime. You will be refunded all your money provided that you cancel the contract within 14 days of paying.      


Where is Unotely.com available?

Unotelly.com has become one of the best VPN service providers because it is accessible from any corner of the globe. However, given the nature of the services the firm offers – seamless streaming of your favorite programs – some limitations might exist and which include:

  • If you are using public Wi-Fi or if the internet you are using is restricted. Hotels usually restrict the amount of internet their patrons use.
  • If your DNS internet provider does DNS filtering.
  • For those who are using 3G/4G.
  • In some cases, people using satellite internet will access the company’s services, but most people are not able to.


How does Unotelly.com work?

There are many TV channels or programs that you are restricted from watching because of the country you are in. You might be on vacation to Asia yet you want to continue watching your favorite Netflix program. While the rights owners will want to have total control of who watches their programs, Unotelly.com steps in to help viewers get the best streaming services no matter where they are located around the globe.

Using its own DNS servers, Unotelly.com routes all requests to a program provider, such as Netflix or any one of the more than 300 channels that you are in the USA while in real sense you are not. Unotelly.com consequently creates a tunnel between your devices to its remotely located servers. In short, Unotelly.com covers up your trail – actual IP address- so as to appear as though you are from U.K or any other country you want. It’s important to note that only streaming and not your browsing gets interfered with.


Security and Privacy

Your online privacy is enhanced by Unotelly.com because marketers won’t have access to your personal information. This reduces the number of spam you receive in your mailbox. Moreover, companies that use Geolocation will not be able to know your browsing habits or even other personal information. Your online privacy is guaranteed when you start using Unotelly.com VPN software.


Support Service

You will easily come to the conclusion that this is one of the most customer friendly online VPN security providers when you read through any VPN Unotelly.com review website. Reaching the support team of the company is easy and convenient. You can rest assured that sending them an email even on a weekend will get answered within a few hours if not minutes.


How to get an account and Compatibility?

On the top right corner of the homepage, you will find a signup icon. Click on it and your journey to accessing some secure VPN private access to the internet commences. After the initial registration stage, you can then download Unotelly.com for Windows or for Mac. When setting up your account, you should use your private line or device as work gadgets might not allow you to reset DNS settings.



Accessing your favorite program which is only available in a country outside your own via streaming channels is not illegal because you are still paying for the services. This is exactly what Unotelly.com helps you with. Given that the company offers unlimited bandwidth, the price it asks is one of the lowest. 

Update: 04/07/2016