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Can access popular online channels; Greater security against hacking and censorship; Full access to customer support
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

The internet is fantastic for families because it is a great way to spend time. You can show off your love for one another on social media sites or perhaps even enjoy the latest movies from Netflix when you are all taking a break after a long day at work or school. You and your kids also have full access to all the information and educational programs you need because you can simply log onto the net with a tab and have it at your fingertips. But the internet can be extremely dangerous because hackers can hack into your home computers and tabs to get a hold of private account information. A huge and unfortunate thing about the internet is the fact that sites like Netflix are restricted in other countries. With Unblock-Us all websites are unblocked and you and your entire family will be completely safe when you use the net because your home IP address is hidden so no one will ever be able to locate you online. This good VPN service bypasses all firewalls and unblocks all websites so you and your family can have full access to any online content that is available across the globe.


Tariffs and prices

When you are looking for a good and reliable VPN service, the first thing you should do is make sure that they are not overcharging you for their services since that is incredibly common amongst some VPN service providers.

Free trial – You can test the Unblock-Us VPN software before you make a commitment and the test is completely free. The trial gives you seven days in which you can enjoy any online content securely and the only thing that this private VPN service requires for the free trial is an email address.

Monthly package – Unblock-us only has one package for their VPN clients. They charge $4.99 per month or you can pay $49.90 a year and never think about the bill for the rest of the year. The package includes all the benefits that they have to offer such as complete online invisibility, the removal of restrictions on all websites, great online security, software availability for multiple platforms, fast upload and download speeds when you connect to their fast servers and much more. At only $4.99 per month, you are definitely not overpriced for this VPN service.


Info on Servers of Unblock-Us

Unblock-Us doesn’t make their server count and location clear since they are more focused on providing their clients with access to online channels across the globe than other websites. Users from across the globe can download this secure VPN software so they can access popular online channels like Amazon Instant Video, HBO Nordic, Vudu, Now TV, Blockbuster Now, USA Network, ABC Family and tons more. With all of these popular channels at your disposal, you and your family are sure to find exactly what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and there is something for everyone.


Functions of Unblock-Us

  • Unblock-Us’s main function is to provide their clients with full access to all the online entertainment. Families can enjoy the best TV shows, series, movies, sports and more when by simply accessing the right sites. Even live streaming is a possibility for those who want to catch a game in action.
  • The VPN service unblocks all websites so you and your family can enjoy social media sites and any other site, even if you travel to destinations where these sites are restricted.
  • You are a lot safer when you use the internet because the VPN service provides greater security against hacking and censorship.
  • You have full access to customer support whenever you face a difficult problem.
  • You can enjoy as much streaming and downloading as you want.


Security and Privacy of Unblock-Us

This USA VPN service works a bit different than other VPN service providers because they route all DNS queries through the servers so it would seem like your location is different when you access different sites which allows you to bypass censorship. Because your IP address is hidden, you are virtually untraceable by hackers. This is a great plus for internet users. The security protocols and encryption software that they use is however a bit unclear.


Support service of Unblock-Us

You can contact the Unblock-Us technical team by emailing support through their website. The support department is active 24/7 and you should get a response from this SSL VPN service within about 30 minutes. They have great customer support ratings because they treat them great.


Client Account of Unblock-Us

To sign up for the free trial, you simply have to provide your email address after which you can download the software. Those who want to commit to the service, have to register their details and make an online payment. They can choose between monthly or annual payments and get the software installed on any device.


Platforms served by Unblock-Us

Unblock-Us works on just about any internet device including various versions of PlayStation, X-box, Wii, TV sets and all of your mobile and desktop devices. They support all platforms such as Windows, Vista, Android, iPod, Mac, Amazon and much more. The only downside is that the iOS services only work through Wi-Fi connections and not through 3G or any other connection types, but aside from that, all the platforms work fantastic on any connection.


Unblock-Us Summary

Unblock-Us is a definite must for anyone who likes to make the most of their home entertainment systems. You can have your fill at unlimited content like movies, series, TV shows and even enjoy top rated online games. You have full access to all websites that you want to view and you never have to worry about your home security since the secure VPN software protects hides your online presence and protects you against hacking and censorship. To top it off, the services are incredibly affordable and the network speeds are fantastic enough to allow you to enjoy HD quality videos.

May 02/2016
Netflix is very adamant on cracking down the VPN providers who are offering their service to non US citizens from all over the world to access Netflix content by masking their original IP address. This has blown out of proportions now and Netflix has decided to crack down on... Read more
Update: 08/06/2016