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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
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The UKproxyserver.com is the ideal destination for anyone who really appreciates high-speed connectivity when it comes to streaming. The company is well established as one of the best VPN service providers across the globe not only because of high speeds, but also because of top quality customer service and impeccable performance. The website is designed to offer the best of service to a person who wishes to watch channels from abroad.

The company is owned by Scothosts. Scothosts was established in 2000 and for several years, it was one of the best in the VPN service industry. In fact, in 2003, the company won the prestigious UK E-Commerce Awards and WOW Awards. UKproxyserver.com VPN was launched in 2008. The company was established to offer UK IP addresses to its esteemed customers from all over the globe. While offering these services, it emphasizes at ensuring that privacy, high-speed data transfer, and a reliable VPN service as well as credible international IP address bypass.


Tariffs found at UKproxyserver.com

Unlike many VPN companies, UKproxyserver.com categorizes its packages according to the countries its servers are located. This is in an effort to deliver high-quality services. It has further packages designed for 10 different countries. It also has 4 unique packages which help customers reach the servers easily. However, there is no restriction to the server that serves you. Here are the plans;

There are 2 packages to choose from when you go to the VPN section. One of the packages allows you access to unlimited bandwidth. However, the price $13.82 if you pay for the whole year. If you opt to pay per month, the amount comes to $16.57. Compared to other USA IP VPN packages from other companies this is a bit pricey. The other package is a bit cheaper but you are limited to a bandwidth of 30GB per month. Otherwise, everything else is pretty the same with the two packages.

The other services that UKproxyserver.com provides include VPN Router services which come with PTP. This service helps you connect literally any device in your household to be OpenVPN connected. You can also buy a Proxy which enables you to filter your browsing connectivity. This service allows you to make your browser appear as though you are in the UK while in actual sense you are in the USA.


The servers that the company has

UKproxyserver.com did not really start from scratch when it was launched in 2008. It immediately started using the well-established server network, which had been set up by its mother company, Scothosts. When signing up, you have the option of picking the country where you want your proxy or VPN to be set up. You can switch to any other server location you can think of. The servers are found in USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, and France.


Functions to explore using UKproxyserver.com

The benefits that are tied to the proxies and VPNs are usually numerous and diverse. All that you need to establish are your specific needs. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Full encryption of your data irrespective of whether you are using a proxy or a VPN.
  • It is very easy to install a VPN.
  • Depending on the channels you want to access at any one time, the UKproxyserver.com VPN software allows you to switch between the many servers located in the 10 different countries.
  • For a VPN, changing your IP address is as easy as just making a click on your computer mouse.
  • The VPN service is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Once you set up your proxy account, you will stay connected 24/7. You, therefore, don’t have to worry that content is not getting filtered.
  • While UKproxyserver.com offers the best VPN service as far as functionality and speed are concerned, its proxy speed is even faster.


Security and Privacy

The company has invested in some of the best standard security measures which ensure your privacy remains solid while you are browsing or streaming live. The Proxy service uses 128bit encryption for its PTPP protocol. When it comes to OpenVPN and L2TP, the company uses 256bit encryption. Besides employing these measures, the company also uses shared dynamic IP address which ensures that there are minimal attacks while at the same time improving your anonymity online. Whether you are browsing or streaming live, you can rest assured to get the best secure and anonymous identity here.


Customer Service

When you visit the website, you will initially get confused on what is really on offer. To get the actual price of packages might even tempt you to run away. However, one of the greatest achievements of this company is its support team. Here, you will enjoy all manner of support types starting with ticketing, chatting, emailing, phone calls, and knowledge base. The chat channel is however not 24/7. It is only available from 9am – 11pm (UK time) throughout the week.


Getting an account

The signing up at UKproxyserver.com is different from actually buying a product. This is good because you will not be required to give extensive personal details when signing up. When it comes to payment options, you don’t have an anonymous option to use given that you want your identity to be anonymous. Still, all major payment methods are accepted.



You can download UKproxyserver.com VPN for Windows very easily. It will enable you to set up a PTPP and L2TP which are considered pretty secure and safe. While using this option, you can switch between countries very easily without compromising on the platform’s functionality. While using L2TP and OpenVPN on the platform, you will enjoy amazingly fast results. The other platforms to enjoy include iOS, Mac, and Linux.



In this VPN UKproxyserver.com review, the best feature is the customer service that the company strives to offer. More than that, the amazingly fast speeds serve to attract more customers as well as keep the existing ones happy. The only downside about the site is its rather ambiguous pricing and differentiation of packages. 

Update: 04/07/2016