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Windows; Mac; Android and iOS

There are a lot of countries and service providers that restrict their sites to their countrymen only so they can save on the privacy and publication costs. There are also a lot of governments that take extreme measures when it comes to their countries' safety by blocking certain sites in their country. In countries like China, you can’t even legally access Facebook or YouTube. This is exactly where good VPN services like TunnelBear can help you. The TunnelBear VPN software creates a virtual tunnel where you can connect to servers from different countries and use the internet as if you were in these very locations. That means no restrictions and no censorship since no one can monitor your presence because your IP address is hidden. VPN clients also get a lot of other benefits such as protection from hackers because their personal information is hidden from the world and complete online anonymity so they can do what they like and be completely safe from censorship.


Tariffs and prices of TunnelBear

You can get this USA VPN service for free because TunnelBear loves to give their clients a way to test their services. And when you decide to become a TunnelBear client, you can buy one of the two packages that they have available.

Little – You can protect five computers, tablets or phones for free and transfer up to 500mb of data every month. You also get full access to 24-hour support while you try this free service.
Giant – At only $6.99 per month, you get fantastic benefits such as unlimited data and you can connect up to five different devices at the same time, use the fast global servers and enjoy 24-hour support.
Grizzly – This is TunnelBear’s most popular package. You pay only $4.16 per month, which adds up to a total of $49.99 that you pay only once a year. You get fantastic benefits such as unlimited data transfers, safe internet on up to five different devices, 24-hour support and access to servers across the globe. 

When you decide to buy this USA VPN service you can make payments through Credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin or Jars of Honey and all prices are shown in USD no matter where you pay from.


Info on Servers of TunnelBear

You can enjoy TunnelBear’s services from anywhere in the world because they are available internationally and access servers from more than 20 countries across the globe and use the internet completely anonymously so you can have full and secure access to any and all content these countries has to offer. You bypass all firewalls and restrictions which mean you can stream whatever you like and enjoy all websites without ever putting yourself at risk.


Functions of TunnelBear

  • Access servers from more than 20 countries and use the internet as if you were in these locations so you can enjoy movies, series, TV shows and much more.
  • Travel anywhere you like and connect safely no matter what connection you use and no matter which sites you visit. All your activities will be completely anonymous so you can enjoy any content without putting yourself at risk even if these sites are forbidden.
  • Your IP address is completely hidden which means you will be protected against hackers, ISP and censorship software. No one can monitor your activities or get a hold of your private account information.
  • ISP won’t be able to restrict your connection speeds because everything you do online is completely anonymous.


Security and Privacy provided by TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a completely reliable VPN service because they mostly use a 128-bit OpenVPN connection to create a secure connection for you. The 128-bit isn’t as good as the 256-bit connection, but still provide great security. iOS users are protected with IPSec connections. They also use AES 256-bit encryption software to protect your online activities. TunnelBear protects your IP address by using shared IP’s and they also keep no logs so you can enjoy a much content as you like and do whatever you like online without putting yourself at risk for censorship or hackers.


Support service of TunnelBear

The assistance provided by this private VPN service is very basic. You have to contact them by sending them a message from their website. The help you receive however is extremely professional and you are served within 24-hours to get any issue solved. You can also scan through their list of FAQ to get some of self-help guidance.


Client Account process for getting TunnelBear

All you need to become a TunnelBear VPN client is to sign up with a username and password. You can then download the free software to any of your devices and be protected for up to 500mb of content transfers. If you want more data protection you can buy one of their packages online and enjoy the best protection for all of your data transfers, streaming and online activities instantly. The installations and setup of the software are incredibly fast and simple to do.


Platforms serviced by TunnelBear

TunnelBear’s services are available for different devices that include Android, PC and iOS devices and you can download the software and connect to five different devices at the same time, so you will be protected when you use the internet at home on your computer or on the go when you connect through a tab or Smartphone.


TunnelBear Summary

TunnelBear offers a free option which is fantastic and a rare find amongst VPN. They also offer great encryption even though the protocols are not the strongest so you will be completely protected when you use the internet. You can connect through any connection, including hotspots and be completely untraceable. With TunnelBear you regain internet freedom because you can once again enjoy any content the internet has to offer by simply switching between server locations. The connections are fast, reliable and you can transfer as much data as you like without ever being restricted. 


April 21/2016
If you have been using the TunnelBear VPN service to surf websites by hiding your real IP address, now will be happy to know that TunnelBear has extended its services to several counties and can now speak 16 different languages. It has taken a while for this popular VPN service... Read more
Update: 08/06/2016