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OpenVPN and L2TP
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Prevents your ISP from tracking your every move; No logging; Unlimited speed; Unlimited bandwidth; Best VPN for Torrenting Anonymously
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Enjoying online privacy is a dream for every internet user. The cyber criminals and internet fraudsters are ruling the online world. No one can ever tell if his or her sensitive information like personal contact details and credit card details have been compromised online until the fraudsters have used it to create havoc. So, being secure and safe online is the right of everyone. There are many reliable VPN service providers on the web that offers you the option to surf the internet by hiding your IP address. This way, no hacker will be able to trace your IP address as it is masked with a fake one provided by the VPN service. Hence, online privacy is ensured. One such private VPN service is the Trust.Zone. It is a new player in the VPN industry. It has been able to catch the imaginations and the minds of the VPN users through reasonable plans, decent features and a very user-friendly VPN client.

The major advantages that you get out of this very good VPN service are: no ISP tracking, unblock VoIP applications like Google Talk and Viber, uninterrupted streaming of global TV content, privacy at Wi-Fi hotspots, multi device compatibility, no logging, etc.


Tariffs and prices   

There are plenty of plans on offer to meet the needs of various VPN users. You can also try out the service using the three days or 1GB free trial pack. The various plans put this VPN among one of the best VPN service providers. All the priced plans are offered with a 10 day money back guarantee.  

  • Free test pack - You are allowed 1GB of free data in this free pack or you get free VPN service for three days. The features offered include: 41 server locations, one connection, unlimited Bandwidth and one click, install and run the software.
  • 1 month plan - You will be billed every month and the cost of this monthly plan is $6.99. The features you can enjoy include: 3 simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, 46 locations, no limit for data transfer and server switching and one click install and run the software..
  • 3 months plan - This plan offers the same features that the monthly plan offers. By choosing this plan, you make a savings of 30% and will be billed $14.85 every 3 months. This means that your monthly payment is roughly $4.95.
  • 1 year plan - This is the best plan of the lot and is ideal for regular VPN users. It also carries the same features on offer for the monthly plan. You save 58% when you opt for this plan in comparison with the monthly plan. You will be billed $35.88 every year and this comes to roughly $2.99 a month..


Server info

Trust.Zone VPN service offers you the option to choose any of the 46 fastest servers on offer. They are located in 28 different zones all over the world. You are allowed with the option of switching between servers as many times as you want and whenever you want.



The salient features that make many people download the secure VPN software are as follows:

•    Anonymous surfing
You will never have to reveal your real IP address online once you have Trust.Zone VPN software downloaded on your computer. Your location or IP address cannot be accessed by any websites that you are visiting.

•    NO ISP tracking
With this VPN service, your ISP will not be able to track your online activities at all. You are accessing internet always on a fake IP. Hence, they will not be able to throttle your speeds and limit your data. You can also download media and torrents anonymously.     

•    Access VoIP applications
You will not have any restrictions in place to access popular VoIP services like Skype, VoIP and Google Talk through Trust.Zone.

•    No worries of unsecured Wi-Fi hot spots
All your internet traffic is encrypted wherever you go. Hence, you need not have any worries accessing popular websites or worry about cyber threats when you are accessing the internet from unsecured, public Wi-Fi hotspots.

•    Unlimited bandwidth and speed
There will be no compromise in the speed when you are accessing the internet using this VPN service. You have the option of switching between servers of your choice at any time, when you feel that one server is slowing down the internet speed. Also, there is no limit in the amount of bandwidth that you can use.


Security and privacy

It is a decent SSL VPN service as it secures your account with L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN encryption protocols. The OpenVPN makes use of 256-bit AES encryption for data, SHA-1 for data authentication and RSA-2048 for handshaking. The L2TP/IPSec is offered using 256-bit AES for data encryption, pre-shared key for handshaking and SHA-1 for data authentication. The service does not maintain its customer logs and hence your identity cannot be traced.


Support service

You can get support by making use of the contact support form offered on the website. This service is limited during operational hours between 6 am and 4pm GMT from Monday to Friday. You will get the reply to your query on your email. The operators will respond to your queries very quickly. You can also make use of the FAQ and the setup guides on offer on the website to check out how to download Trust.Zone VPN for Mac or other devices.


Client account

Signing up for a new account is very simple. You will just need your email address, password and a CAPTCHA to sign up. You can make payments anonymously using Bitcoins. Once registered, you need to log in and then visit the download page to get access to download Trust.Zone VPN for Windows.



The Trust.Zone VPN is compatible with most popular OS and devices like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Windows receives a custom-made client, whereas other platforms have to make use of downloadable OpenVPN templates to be used with third party clients.



The positives you enjoy from Trust.Zone are fast connectivity, easy to use, no P2P traffic restrictions and no logs. The website lacks technical information and there are no bespoke clients for Mac OS X and other handheld devices. With a free trial on offer, it is worth a try for anyone looking for a decent VPN. 

Update: 21/06/2016