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OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP
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When it comes to online security, many people are wary not only because there are many predators lurking out there, but also because a good number of firms which are supposed to offer security and privacy services are not forthright. Well, Torvpn.com comes out as genuine from the word go. For all your VPN service needs, Torvpn.com is here to offer it with utmost dedication.

The company was started in 2010. It is registered in the UK, but it carries its operations in Hungary. It is governed by the EU data retention laws. It was formed to offer the best possible online for its customers. You will be able to hide your IP address when browsing the internet. Moreover, you will be able to access a host of blocked websites, either by your government or whose access has been curtailed because of your global location. It is also a top destination for people who love torrents.


The services offered by Torvpn.com

Torvpn.com is regarded as one of the best VPN service providers in the industry mainly because of the wide range of plans it offers its customers. Here are the plans that you can go for:

  • Free VPN Plan – This service is offered for free and it runs for 7 days. It comes with unlimited speed and a 2GB bandwidth. It also allows you to choose one server. It offers OpenVPN and PPTP.
  • Cheap VPN Plan – This is a unique plan which goes for £0.50 for a period of 15 days. Some of the services to enjoy on this private VPN service include opting for one server, unlimited speed, 5GB traffic, SSH tunneling, no time limit, and available for two sessions. Customers can connect their computers to the servers using OpenVPN and PPTP.
  • Custom VPN Plan – This plan is valid for one month and it goes for £1.00. You can opt to enjoy the plan for a whole year, though. You have the freedom to choose one server from the all the servers that the company has. You also enjoy OpenVPN, PPTP as well as SSH tunneling. You can enjoy a bandwidth ranging from 10GB all the way to 200GB.
  • Pro VPN Plan – This service is an upgrade of the Custom VPN. It, however, comes with a minimum of 60GB and is valid for 30 days. It goes for £1.90.
  • Silver VPN Plan – It’s an upgrade of the Pro VPN. It comes with 100GB, 3 sessions and is for three months. It goes for £5.50.
  • Gold VPN Plan – This is the ultimate plan and it goes for £19.90 for a period of 1 full year. The traffic as well as the speed is unlimited. It comes with four sessions. In both silver and gold plans, you enjoy all access to all the servers.


The servers’ distribution and locations

There are 28 servers which are distributed in 7 countries across the world. Each of the 7 countries hosts four servers. The countries are categorized and named after a number of celestial bodies in our solar system. The countries are the U.K – Uranus, Sweden – Pluto, Hungary – Earth, Australia – Mercury, Russia – Neptune, U.S – Saturn, and Hong Kong – Venus. Only the silver and the gold members stand to enjoy access to all the 28 servers.


The services to enjoy at Torvpn.com

  • Improved privacy – You will have a chance to hide your IP address and explore the web anonymously. You will have a chance to use any of the firm’s servers and ‘exist’ in a different country from your own. You also get protection from hackers when using Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Online freedom – You no longer have to worry about being blocked or being denied access to some of the popular websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Netflix. You even get access to all the adult sites of your choice.
  • Access unlimited torrents – We all want to get access to the best content that is found out there. Well, with Torvpn.com, you get access to some of the best torrents available. You no longer have to worry being restricted by your government or your ISP.
  • Improved internet speeds – Browsing the internet becomes so much easier with Torvpn.com because of the increased speed. You can even make seamless VoIP calls and Skype without any worry.


Privacy and security feature of the site

This SSL VPN service provider is rated highly by many users, mainly because it only records connection logs. This is in line with the EU data retention laws. When it comes to encryption, Torvpn.com uses AES 256-bit with a 4096-bit RSA for the other type of encryption. The fact that you can use PPTP or SSH tunneling is pretty impressive given that the more secure OpenVPN feature is also available.


How is the customer service?

Torvpn.com offers quite good VPN services when it comes to the support team. There is a ticketing platform which you can use to request for help. The team is, to say the least professional, courteous and experienced in the job. You will get a response within 24 hours. Even though the company says there is a 24/7 chat room, some customers find it impossible hard using it.


Getting an account

Once you have registered and picked the appropriate plan, you will be prompted to click on a Torvpn.com VPN software download which is fun and easy. You can pay using a range of credit cards.


Available platforms

Torvpn.com supported devices include those running Android and iOS software. As for the supported platforms, it is noteworthy pointing out that Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Linux are the favorites here. As for the supported protocols; TCP+UDP, OpenVPN, SSH and PPTP are featured. You simply can’t go wrong with Torvpn.com.



Torvpn.com VPN download is one of the easiest on the market. More on to that, the pricing is one of the most competitive and broad based. The use of ‘warranty canary’ in the log option is another plus not to mention that the whole website is easy to navigate. For customer privacy and anonymity, the company, however, ought to look for a way to eliminate the keeping of connection logs. 

Update: 03/07/2016