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When looking for the best VPN service provider, you should consider affordability, functionality, security and their experience. A combination of these factors is guaranteed to give you a good experience online which is free of safety and security threats. Torrentprivacy.com is one of the many VPN service providers which strive to make your internet experience enjoyable while at the same time making it limitless in terms of the websites you can peruse and the torrents you can download.

Torrentprivacy.com was started with the primary aim of helping customers have access to global websites and download stuff which their own ISPs were limiting them from. The company was started in 2007 and over the years has facilitated over a million anonymous downloads. It is located in the Seychelles. The company’s aim is to offer privacy to its customers when they are browsing the internet. The company has turned off its logging cache disk, hence making it absolutely safe for you to browse.


The services to explore on this site

Torrentprivacy.com does not provide its products as easily as the other service providers. For you to access the plans that it has, you have to register as a member first. The services are categorized as follows

  • Free Trail – This service is offered to every customer who wishes to try out the VPN client experience first before committing themselves. The trial period is 7 days, which is more than what most firms have to offer. In this plan, you stand to try the proxy as well as privacy VPN services of the firm.
  • Gold Plan – This is the plan where all the paying customers are put. You can, however, determine the amount you pay based on the period you choose to enjoy the services. If you pick the monthly option, you get to pay $9.95. You will pay $24.95 when you pick a 3 months' option, $44.95 if you pick a half year option and $79.95 for a whole year.

Customers can pay for the services using PayPal, CommerceGate, SegPay, and a variety of credit cards. The firm gives its customers a 30-day money back guarantee if dissatisfied with its services. This is above what a majority of the firms offer. Moreover, the firm will not just refund you the money, but will also pay for a month’s subscription at a BitTorrent Proxy service of your choice.


The servers which help the firm deliver

TorrentPrivacy.com has servers spread across three countries; the countries are the United States, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In total, there are 8 servers four of which are found in Sweden, three in the USA and one in Netherlands. It is noteworthy for customers to know that only a US based server offers dedicated TorrentPrivacy.com VPN service. Because of the high traffic that the server stands to receive at any other time, you may leave you exposed to a situation where your data is not encrypted.


What services do you stand to enjoy here?

  • Easy and fast content download – TorrentPrivacy.com is one of the most reliable VPN service providers mainly because of its high-speed connection and reliability. Because the firm offers 128-bit encryption, internet connectivity becomes somewhat easier and fast. However, while this is a good thing it is not a big plus when it comes to customers’ privacy and security.
  • Enhanced anonymity – The firm pledges 100% anonymity when you register an account with it. There are 8 servers which are fully dedicated to providing you with anonymous IP addresses. As noted earlier, it is only a server based in the USA that offers dedicated IP privacy. This limits the options you have when it comes to choosing the right proxy server that you would wish to access.
  • Limitless torrent streaming – Once you have downloaded the Torrentprivacy.com VPN software, you will enjoy countless torrents from a wide range of global websites. In fact, the firm has become well known mainly because it enables customers to access torrents easily.
  • More internet freedom for you – You no longer have to worry that your IP address can’t allow you to access certain websites or countries. Messages telling you that you are not allowed to access certain websites become a thing of the past. Governments and even your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) can’t tell what you are doing online.


The privacy and security features of the website

Every VPN USA service provider or any other should strive to enhance your online security. This is why Toorentprivacy.com has invested in an encryption feature for all the data that passes through its servers. The encryption is 128-bit. The firm only keeps your logging information for 7 days. Nothing about you or your IP address can be available on the firm’s servers after the 7 days have lapsed.

Customers can establish VPN connection between their computers and Toorentprivacy.com using OpenVPN or PPTP. The firm offers an SSL VPN service which helps safeguard your data at all times.


Customer service team

When you visit the website, you will find that it is easy to navigate. The FAQ section is elaborate and it’s easy for you to access the information you need. You can send an email which will be answered within hours, but there are instances, it will go for days without getting replied.


Getting an account here

All you have to do is visit the homepage of the company and click on ‘register’ icon. You don’t have to pay in order to enjoy the services that the company has to offer. Just enter your email and other personal information and you will be set up to start enjoying reliable VPN service.



You can access the services offered by this website via any mobile device. Whether it’s an Android, iOS or a Windows device that you have, you stand a great chance of exploring the website’s services. While it’s possible to access the website using two devices, you can’t use them concurrently.



Toorentprivacy.com is one of the best VPN service providers based on the fact that it allows customers to make downloads easily. While the servers are efficient, it is important for the firm to increase the number and not limit the IP proxy accessibility to the US servers only. Customers’ privacy could become more enhanced if the encryption is improved to 256-bit, which happens to be the industry standard.

Update: 03/07/2016