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OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP
Key Features:
5 different devices; Unlimited Speeds; Unlimited Bandwidth; 99.99% Uptime; x5 Connections Allowed; FREE 24/7 365 Support
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

People often wait till it is too late before they invest in internet security simply because they don’t know what hackers can do. Internet hackers are becoming clever each day. They can hack into your personal computer if they simply get ahold of your private IP address and steal valuable and confidential information. On top of that, there are thousands of scams online that will automatically redirect you to another website where they will try and get ahold of your personal information such as your bank user information. It is time to improve your general security when you use the internet by investing in a good VPN service like TorGuard. This reliable VPN service will hide your IP address from the public so no one will be able to hack into your computer. They also provide other services such as anonymous browsing so you can bypass firewalls and access restricted websites and they provide security for all of your devices. You can connect more securely on any type of connection, including WIFI hotspots and enjoy unlimited speeds and downloads no matter how much data you transfer. 


Tariffs and prices of TorGuard

VPN clients can choose from five different packages when they decide on this secureVPN software. 

Anonymous Proxy – At only $5.95 per month you get unlimited speeds and bandwidth, the best online protection, access to servers in 6 countries and free 24-hour emergency support.
Anonymous VPN – For $9.99 you get unlimited speeds and bandwidth, protection for five devices, the best online protection, stealth proxy, access to more than 1600 servers in 43 countries and 24-hour emergency support.
Anonymous email – Make all your emails anonymous and untraceable at $6.95 per month and gives you unlimited mail storage, G/PGP encryption, MITM attack protection, offshore mail storage, no header IP disclosure and forward secrecy.
Anonymous Bundle – This package costs $11.54 per month and gives you benefits like unlimited speeds and bandwidth, VPN pro access, proxy access, the best online security, access to more than 1600 servers and free 24-hour support.
Routers – You can also buy some VPN routers from TorGuard and boost your internet performance at home. 

When you take out any of these memberships, you can also choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annual and biennial billing cycles for discount rates. TorGuard allows payments through Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Altcoins and Paymentwall. 


Info on Servers of TorGuard

TorGuard is one of the best VPN services because you can access them from anywhere in the world. When you get the Anonymous VPN package you can connect to more than 1600 servers in more than 43 countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Sweden, South Africa and much more and use the internet as if you were present in these very locations. That means that there will be no restrictions on any sites from these locations and you will be completely undetected when you access these sites. 


Functions that TorGuard provide

  • Enjoy any content from anywhere because you can connect to servers from all over the world and sidestep geological blocking so you can enjoy all the movies, series, TV shows and games the internet has to offer.
  • Bypass firewalls and have full access to restricted sites so you can enjoy the internet to the fullest.
  • Be anonymous online due to protection from the VPN server or send completely anonymous and untraceable emails.
  • Be safe from hackers because no one can see what you are doing or get ahold of your real IP address.
  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and speeds so you can transfer as much content as you want.
  • Get full access to servers across the globe.
  • No logs are kept so nothing you do online can be traced back to you.
  • Surf securely and enjoy any content from anywhere without being censored.


Security and Privacy of TorGuard

When you have done the TorGuard VPN download, you will be completely protected because they use fantastic protocols like OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPSec to create a secure network in which you can do whatever you like and be completely anonymous. They also keep no user logs so no one can pinpoint anything back to you. Your IP address is hidden for complete anonymity and when you get the private email package, all your emails will be encrypted so no one can trace your emails, hack into them or read what they are about. 


Support service supplied by TorGuard

TorGuard provides 24-hour free service to any of their clients and anyone who is interested in the services. You can contact their toll-free number or have a live chat with professionals and get any query solved. 


Client Account processes

To enjoy the use of this private VPN service, you have to select the package you are interested in, proceed to checkout and register online with your email, name, surname, address, country zip code and more. Once your payment has been made, you can download the software for your device and enjoy the best protection for your emails or be anonymous when you browse. The installation and setup are incredibly easy to do and fast to complete. 


Platforms serviced by TorGuard

When you bet this SSL VPN service you will be protected for up to five different devices. You can protect your personal desktop PC or be safe on the go by installing the VPN software on your tab or smartphone and surf privately while you travel. TorGuard is available for Windows, Apple, Android, and much more so you can be protected no matter what device you use.


TorGuard Summary

TorGuard is definitely a must for anyone who wants to improve their general safety at home or on their mobile devices. They also provide services like anonymous email that you can add so you can send untraceable emails and be completely anonymous no matter what content you share. TorGuard uses great security protocols and software to create a secure network that will protect you from hacking and allow you to bypass firewalls and have full access to any and all content.  All this is also available at relatively affordable rates. 

April 06/2016
TorGuard online privacy protection service has come up with an updated VPN app which offers dedicated IP address to the customers. You will be able to create and save a dedicated IP address even before connecting via VPN. This feature makes it very easy to save the dedicated IP... Read more
Update: 08/06/2016