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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
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Virtually change your location; Access any website from any country; Data protection and encryption; Wi-Fi security
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

There is a greater amount of importance and priority given to online privacy by people these days. Securing the online information has become a nightmare for anyone using the internet. With easy to use software and applications, many internet hackers and criminals are able to easily access your IP address and check out all your online activities. Your credit card details, important emails, Facebook accounts, can be easily accessed and misused by fraudsters. If you are in the same boat like many looking for a security solution provider that offers many features to protect their online privacy then, Supernet VPN is a reliable VPN service that offers you great online anonymity.

This private VPN service gives you complete security and privacy to enjoy everything that is offered on the internet. You need not pay a single penny to get the Supernet VPN software for any device. Some of the advantages that make Supernet a good VPN service are: censorship and firewall by passing, Wi-Fi security, identity and privacy protection, bank grade encryption, all platform support and location change that can be achieved virtually.


Tariffs and prices 

Supernet is one of the best VPN service providers that offer you safe and secure VPN without any sign up process. You do not have to make any in –app purchases to use this product. This service is offered free for a lifetime, but you will be shown ads when you are using the service. The ads are what is keeping Supernet running and helps in its development. At present, Supernet VPN is offered for Android devices, iOS devices, Google Chrome and Mozilla, Firefox web browsers. 


Server info

Supernet, at the moment, has only 5 servers located in the United States, Russia, UK, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. There are plans for the company to come up with more servers in all the continents of the world to provide better service options to the customers. 



There are many features that are on offer from Supernet VPN.

• All web site access
There are many popular countries where internet users are not allowed to watch popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Twitch, YouTube, etc. These services are blocked by the government in many Asian, Arab and some other countries. With the help of Supernet VPN on your mobile, you can use the USA VPN free service to watch movie content from Netflix and Hulu.

• Changing IP locations
You can virtually shift to any IP location you prefer through this service. Your real IP address will be hidden and you will be surfing on the web using a USA IP VPN to access the sites sitting from anywhere in this world.

• Wi-Fi hotspot security
Accessing the internet from public Wi-Fi areas can spell real trouble for your device. Your data and identity is vulnerable at the hands of internet hackers when you are accessing any website through a public network. With Supernet VPN software download on your device, you can surf any website from pubic Wi-Fi spots without any worries.

• Bypass firewalls
If there are firewalls and censorship in place by government and your ISP, then you might not be able to reach a desired website in your area. This VPN app will bypass all such restrictions and you can instantly get access to any website that you like to check.

• Identity and privacy protection
Supernet offers you instant anonymity whenever you go online by replacing your real IP address with a fake one. No one will be able to track you or your online activities once this VPN switches on. Worrying about the hackers will be a thing of the past as you will always stay private when you are using a VPN. Hackers will not be able to get your passwords, credit card information or any other sensitive data.

• Free for all
No matter you are using Windows or Mac OS X or android or iOS devices, you just need download Supernet VPN software for your respective device. Once you install the app on your system, you are ready to go online securely. You will not be asked for any fee or in- app purchases to download Supernet VPN for Windows or for any other devices. 


Security and privacy

There is no information recorded about the websites that you visit or the data you transmit or receive from your device from this service. A few things that this service collects and monitors include bandwidth usage, IP address and time when you connect and disconnect the VPN service and the amount of data during a session. The information collected may be disclosed to the government agencies or authorities when asked. There are no specific details about the type of encryption protocols used by this VPN on its website.


Support service

Your e-mail and other contact information will be a collected by then service when you request for customer support. There is no live chat support on offer and support to android devices is offered through Zendesk.


Client account

Getting to use Supernet VPN on your devices and browsers is very effortless. Android users just need to visit the Google Play Store, locate Supernet and hit the install button to install the software. The Chrome extension is also simple to use. Visit the website’s download page and click on the Chrome download option to open the browser extension. Choose which server you want to use (UK or US) and click on the shield image. It will turn green and this means that the VPN is active on your browser.



Supernet is now offered as a free download in Google Chrome and Mozilla, Firefox browsers and also for Android and iOS phones and tablets.



If you are looking for a simple to install and easy to use VPN software for free on your device, then Supernet VPN is not a bad option. There are certain flaws like vague encryption information, very poor customer support and connection logging. If you need a high level of security and privacy, and not just Wi-Fi protection and unblocking of sites, then this VPN is not an option for you.


Update: 28/10/2016