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OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP
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Free from regional content blocks; E-Mail Encryption; Picture Passwords; Worldwide protection in every WiFi and wireless network
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

It is very difficult to find a reason as to why you should not start using the benefits offered by a reliable VPN service. Enjoying online privacy, security and anonymity is very important these days with the amount of hacking and data theft going on. Your sensitive information like personal details and credit card details are easily accessible by anyone who can have access to your UIP address provided by your ISP provider. A good VPN service will mask your real IP address and also ensure that your communication between your system or device and the servers will take place through an encrypted tunnel. This way data and other valuable information are never accessible by internet fraudsters or snooping agencies. You get to surf the internet as a free bird anytime without any worries. 

Steganos is one of the best VPN service providers you would come across on the internet. It is based in Germany. The advantages you can use when you sign up and download Steganos VPN software on your device are: worldwide IP protection, no-ads and pop ups, safety from hackers, no regional content blocks, maximum online anonymity, free from tracking, multi-device support, no tracking by social media sites, auto cookies deletion after browsing, etc. 


Tariffs and prices  

There is a free trial version on offer for you to try out the service. All you have to do is to click on the free now option on the website and the Steganos VPN download will start automatically on your device. This VPN does not offer you a host of plans to stay safe and anonymous online. There is just one plan on offer and it is as follows:

Steganos Online Shield VPN (1 Year)

This plan is billed at $49.95. You will need to pay this amount once every year to use the plan. There is no need for any subscription to enjoy this plan. You will be able to surf anonymously on up to 5 devices at any given moment of time with one Steganos VPN account. 


Server information

If you are facing regional censorships that prevent you to watch your favorite TV programs and films, then you can make use of any of the other servers located in other countries to access these programs on your devices. There are not a lot of countries where you will find the Steganos VPN servers. Some of the countries where this service has servers include: US, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. So, by making use of the USA VPN free server, you get to watch all TV content broadcasted only in the US.



The success of any VPN service is directly linked with the kind of features that it offers. With the secure VPN software from Steganos, you are assured of enjoying some of the best features that Any VPN can offer you.

• Worldwide Wi-Fi protection
Your digital life is always under serious threat from hackers, online thieves and data seeking agencies whenever you are accessing the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots located in malls, cybercafés, airports, colleges, etc. As soon as you switch this VPNs service on, you will never need to worry about any threat to your data as your IP address is completely masked and your data encrypted.

• No-ads
The best part you enjoy when you download Steganos VPN for Windows is that you will get complete freedom from the annoying ads that pop up on your screen every time you access the internet. As no one will be able to get access to your real IP address, your IP cannot be targeted for customized ads, according to your browsing.

• Individualized settings
The Steganos VPN download software you have on your system can be adjusted to meet your internet browsing needs. You can decide on how you would like to browse the internet and what kind of online web browsing experience you want. There is radar that can identify the devices that you are using on your network. 

Some of the other attractive features are:

  • Auto deletion of the cookies that your device encounters when you browse. These cookies will be deleted instantly after you have stopped browsing.
  • It will display the device that can pose some threat to your network.
  • It will prevent the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook from social tracking your online activities.
  • You can enjoy protection for your iOS and Android smart phones and tablets when you use premium license.
  • There will be no more blocking of regional content and you can access your local TV programs from any corner of the globe.


Security and privacy

This VPN does not keep any personal identities of their users and also do not track any individual user. It will only be maintaining the IP address, country and the date and time of the visitor to its servers. All your data and other sensitive information are completely securely encrypted by this service, thanks to the use of 256-bit AES encryption standards.  


Support service

This VPN service does not offer you a host of customer support options. It only offers you a help center support to find out the answers for your queries. There is no e-mail and live chat support on offer. 


Client account

Click on the free trial account option and the software will instantly start to download to your system. If you would love to join the paid subscription, then opt for the ‘buy now’ option. You will be directed to sign up page where you need to key in a lot of your personal information, choose payment method and get your new account registered. 



Steganos offers you cross-platform support and you can make use of this software on Windows, Android and iOS devices and wireless networks like EDGE, GPRS, 3G and LTE/4G.



There is no doubt that the Steganos VPN offers a host of features that will ensure your online anonymity and security. It lacks a bit in the number of plans on offer, the number of servers and its locations as well as customer support. It is an additional level of security you can use on your system.

Update: 01/07/2016