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OpenVPN and PPTP
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Unlimited Bandwidth; Non Sequential IPs; 99.99% Up time; Dedicated IPs; 24/7/365 client support
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

How would you feel if there is a service available on the internet that offers you private and shared proxies as well as private and shared VPN services? Well, you would be thrilled to know about this even more and to see what the service can do for you. One such popular proxy and VPN combined service provider is the SSLPrivateProxy (SSP). This service is best suited for regular social media users, bloggers, web scraping and classified ads sites. You will not be allowed to carry out spamming. It offers you reliable VPN service and top quality proxy so that you can protect your identity online and surf the internet privately. You will enjoy complete online anonymity and will be safe from the prying eyes of people and websites that are looking for your geographic location and real IP address information.

The major advantages that you get from this private VPN service and proxy service are: dedicated IP addresses, P2P and torrents downloading, free setup, 1000 GB connections, affiliate program, friendly and quick customer support, severs that run on wind power, attractive and affordable proxy packages, unlimited bandwidth, 3 day full money back guarantee, etc.


Tariffs and pricing

You have the option to choose private VPN plans or shared VPN plans from this service. This is one of the best VPN service providers to offer you a host of plans to choose from depending on your use and budget.

•    Private VPN plans
There are 3 plans to offer when you opt for private VPN from SSP.
This is offered at a monthly price of $7. The 3 month plan will be billed at $20.37 every 3 months and the 6 month plan is offered at $39.42 every 6 months. If your usage is more, you can opt for 3 or 6 month plan to save some money. The features offered are: all website unblocking, unmetered data, free set up, P2P and torrents, etc.
This plan gives you the freedom of accessing 5 multiple cities and multiple subnets apart from enjoying dedicated IP address. The plans are priced at: $30 for monthly plan, $87 for 3 months and $169 for 6 months. 
- SPP-VPN-10

You get access to 10 multiple sites using this plan. To enjoy this plan, you need to pay $50 as one month price, $145.5 for 3 months and $282 for 6 month price.

•    Shared VPN option
Torrents and P2P feature is not offered for this option. The plans under this category are as follows:
There are 3 plans offered here also. You pay $3.50 for 1 month plan, $10 for 3 months plan and $19.5 for 6 months. 
The plan prices here are: $15 for 1 month, $43.65 for 3 months and $84.6 for 6 months. 

The monthly plan is offered at $25 a month. The 3 months and 6 month plan are offered for: $72.75 and $141 respectively.


Info on servers

The VPN and proxies of this good VPN service are located in multiple locations all over the United States and Europe. They are hosted on very fast and dedicated Dual Intel Xeon servers that offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, 1000 Mbps internet connection speeds, multiple subnets, 80,000 dedicated IP addresses and 16GB+ RAM.



The following are the features that make you to instantly download SSLPrivateProxy VPN software and start enjoying the service.  

•    Firewall safety
The service uses the latest firewall technologies to keep your online activities completely private and secure. None of the websites you are visiting will be able to target you with calculative messages and pricing. 

•    Green servers
All the servers on offer from this VPN run on wind power that the company purchases. This way you are doing your bit for the environment by investing your money in this VPN service. The company also plans to add new servers that are powered by solar energy in the near future.   

•    No more censorships 
By making use of SPP secure VPN software on your computer, you will be able to bypass all restrictions in place by your ISPs and government agencies. You can safely visit the sites that are blocked in your region. You also get to enjoy secure and free use of popular VoIP services like MSN, ICQ and Skype.

The other popular features include:

  • Free VPN setup.
  • Unlocking social sites like Gtalk, Twitter, Viber, Facebook, etc.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • Top end VPN protocols and encryption.


Security and privacy

This SSLPrivateProxy VPN service ensures that your data and other sensitive information that is shared on the internet are encrypted with the best online tools. It makes use of OpenVPN and PPTP encryption protocols. The service also gives you the freedom to choose the VPN IP locations that you prefer at any given time. You can enjoy great privacy form this service. It does not ask your personal information or share your details to any third party.


Support service

There is a detailed support page on offer on the website. You will get to clear your doubts regarding billing, pre-sale as well as setup through the support page. There is also a detailed FAQ page offered for your convenience. Once you make payment for the plan and get access to SSLPrivateProxy VPN download for your device, then you can make use of the submit ticket option to get email support for your doubts.


Client account

All you need to do is to choose whether you need private VPN or shared VPN service and also opt for the plan to initiate the account set up process. You will need to key in your email address and password and complete the payment formalities to start using the service.



This service is compatible with different operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X and devices like Windows, iOS and Android.



If you like to surf anonymously, with varying IPs, then SSLPrivateProxy is a very good option. It provides you with the option of choosing private or shared VPNs, according to your anonymous needs.

Update: 08/06/2016