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Easy to install & use; Encrypted, secure & private connection; Safe browsing protection; Location selection; Open & unrestricted access; Mobile data compression
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Internet security is one of the major concerns of the people using the internet for their various needs. There are internet fraudsters who are trying to access the vital information about you and there are government or company authorities trying to track your internet activities. If you are looking for peace of mind while using the internet through your computer or any other device, you need a secure VPN service to protect your identity and your vital data. Spotflux is a reliable VPN service which is dedicated to offering internet security to their users. If you need best VPN service that performs many cloud based calculations to encrypt and compress your mobile internet data this VPN works on all kinds of devices and network. The threat to your online identity and data is completely eliminated when you use Spotflux VPN software. You will not experience slowness whenever you use this good VPN service as it makes use of cloud to carry out its operations.

The best features offered by this private VPN service are: no blocking or limiting content, mobile data compression, Spotflux cloud cipher, clean up of ads and tracking cookies. Ease of installation and use and safe browsing protection. 


Tariffs and prices

This VPN service presents you with a free VPN plan. This free trial version will be slower than the premium plans and you will not enjoy ads-suspension, data compression and high speeds. Spotflux does not offer users with various packages and plans like other VPN services. It has a single pricing plan for various devices. This plan is known as the premium plan.

•    Spotflux premium
This premium plan is only offered as an annual package. You need to pay $37.99 to enjoy this plan every year. It offers the option to connect to five devices using a single account. The features offered include premium support, mobile data compression enhanced privacy, ad blocking etc.

•    Mobile only plan
This is also an annual plan that is exclusively offered for android and iOS devices. To use this plan you will be billed $29.99 every year. All premium plans, features with unlimited VPN service is offered for the users of this plan.


Server info

There is no detailed information regarding the exact server count or locations on its website, the only thing that can be said here is that it has UK and US servers as it guarantees you access to popular streaming sites of the world.



There are many important features that you can make use of once you download this secure VPN software.

•    Easy installation
Once you carry out the Spotflux VPN software download and install on your device, then you don’t have to worry about the security of your device. Installation is very quick and all updates and configurations are taken care by it.

•    Secure connection everywhere
No matter you are browsing the internet at home, while travelling or from public Wi-Fi hotspots, this VPN will encrypt and secure your connection every single time.

•    No content blocking
You can enjoy unrestricted and open access like a free bird whenever you go online with Spotflux. This VPN takes care of any local restrictions and offers you freedom to access the web.

•    Location option
Your location is not only concealed by this VPN, but it allows you the option to choose any server location you like to browse the web from. There are wide varieties of server locations offered all over the globe.

•    Mobile data compression
The mobile plan users will enjoy greater data savings when they use this VPN. This will be done by compressing your web traffic and reducing your overall bandwidth whenever you surf on the web.

•    Ad- blocking
The Spotflux cloud is created in such a way that it will remove the ads and tracking cookies on the internet. This way you enjoy greater browsing speed. Moreover, the VPN offers safe browsing and therefore you are safe from malicious sites.

•    Conceals identity
Once Spotflux switches on your computer or mobile device, your location and identity is instantly concealed. This will help your connection to the internet be more private, safer as well as restricted 


Security and privacy

This VPN practices zero logs policy and hence it does not entertain data logging. The free version is offered with 128-bit encryption by this SSL VPN service and hence your online activities are safe. The premium plan customers not only enjoy data encryption, but also encryption for third party apps. Some of the commonly used VPN protocols of this service include OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.


Support service

There is a detailed knowledge base support page on offer on the Spotflux website where all areas like FAQ, android and iOS client, premium subscriptions, and Mac and Windows VPN client are covered. You can also contact the customer support agent from the website and you will get reply to your query within 24 hours.


Client account

All you need is to click on download Spotflux VPN for Widows or Mac or other mobile devices on the home page to download and install and start using this free service. If you need premium protection, then, click on the subscription plan of your choice. You will be directed to the sign up page where you need to enter your contact details like username, password, etc. No detailed information is sought from users, but basic information for processing of payments needed when you register.



This is the only VPN that works on all devices, OS and networks. So, just download Spotflux for Mac to use it on Apple computers. This VPN also supports popular mobile devices, web browsers and other networks.



Spotflux is a convenient VPN solution for anyone looking for perfect free VPN service. Even though it offers premium plans with lots of features, it lacks in server numbers, customer support and top quality encryption protocol support. This VPN is an ideal option for people looking for VPN service.

Update: 01/07/2016