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OpenVPN and L2TP
Key Features:
Watch US/UK TV abroad; Unblocking of Skype; Access all games and online TV
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

Surfing the internet safely has been an issue for many users. With the amount of internet hackers and data thieves looming large over the internet, it is very difficult for any ISP service to offer necessary security for its users. In order to safeguard their vital and sensitive information apart from personal details, internet users have started to look for reliable VPN service providers. If you are also looking for a good VPN service that you can trust, then you can check out the features and security details of SecurityKISS VPN mentioned below. This is one of the best VPN service providers to bypass local internet restrictions, offer better privacy protection and ensures instant anonymity when you go online. This company believes in keeping everything smart and simple. If offers all kinds of features that will give you the online privacy like never before.

The important benefits you enjoy by making use of SecurityKISS VPN download are: ad fee service, high speed through online data compression, instant activation of accounts, unlimited server switching and speed, high anonymity, wide server network, etc.


Tariffs and price

This VPN service offers a free package (green Plan) for a lifetime with a traffic limit of up to 300MB a day. This free version offers unlimited server switching, multi-OS support and free to download SecurityKISS VPN software. When you are going for the paid packages, you will find this service to offer 4 different plans.

•    Olivine (economy plan)
This plan is offered at $ 3.39 per month, $9.07 for 3 months $16.97 for 6 months and $27.13 for 1 year. You will save 1 month plan fee and 3 month plan fee when you opt for 6 months and 1 year plans respectively. The features offered here are 38 servers, 20 GB a month data, an unlimited speed and switching, exclusive and octopus tunneling, no registration and all streaming services.

•    Malachite (basic plan)
To avail this plan you need to pay $4.53 for 1 month option, $12.48 for 3 months, $22.65 for 6 months and $40.76 for a year. The additional benefits you get from this plan are 46 servers, 30GB a month data and e-mail client access.

•    Jadeite (premium Plan)
This is the most popular plan. You enjoy better plan pricing at $61.19 when you opt for 1 year. You pay for 9 months and the other 3 months are free. The next better option is the 6 month plan of $34, where you enjoy 1 month free service. The 1 month plan is priced at $6.80 and the 3 months is for $19.29.

•    Emerald (ultimate plan)
This plan offers 60 servers and unlimited data apart from the regular features. The prices for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year plan are: $11.34, $32.91, $56.71 and $102 respectively.


Server info

This VPN Company is based in Ireland and has its security gateways at UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the US and the Netherlands.



There are many attractive features you enjoy of downloading this secure VPN software for your device.

•    Access all games and online TV
There are many countries that impose restrictions on video streaming services and gaming sites. With the download SecurityKISS VPN for Windows on your system, you can break free from these local restrictions and access all gaming sites, videos and movies, without revealing your true IP address.

•    Hide IP address
To be safe from the prying eyes of authorities and hackers looking to intercept your personal information, this service helps you hide your real IP address. This is done by making a connection between your computer and the VPN servers through the SecurityKISS tunnel.

•    Unblocking of Skype
Most of the ISPs do not provide its users to use VoIP applications like Skype, GTalk etc. Use this service and all VoIP restrictions will never bother you again.

•    Watch US/UK TV abroad
Most of the online TV sites are not offered to viewers outside of the country of broadcast. If you are an expat not able to watch your favorite UK/US TV shows, then use this VPN to bypass the limitation.

•    Secure Wi-Fi
Using this private VPN service you need not worry about accessing internet from public hotspots. As your data is encrypted by the service hackers, snooping agencies will not be able to trace your activities.


Security and privacy

This VPN makes use of OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption protocols. Apart from this SSH, RDP, FTP and Telnet transfer protocols are also supported. The windows and Mac OS are supported by OpenVPN and all other platforms by L2TP. This service offers good privacy policy with minimum user information maintenance. No record or monitoring or storing of your connection activity takes place, but your IP address, bandwidth usage and time and duration of VPN connection is maintained.


Support service

There is an online chat service on offer where you can get support from experts. The support page has detailed FAQ section and troubleshooting guide. You can also seek support from customer agent through support ticket system. Key in your query by opening a new ticket and you will get a response within 24 hours.


Client account

Visit the pricing page to get access to “get free SecurityKISS” button. Click on this and you will be taken to SecurityKISS VPN software download for Windows.



All the operating systems are supported when you make use of the free version. Apart from Windows VPN client, SecurityKISS VPN can be connected from Mac OS X. There is SecurityKISS for Linux offered through Open source program. The devices that are supported by this VPN are Android, Windows mobile, IOS, DD-WRT and Tomato routers.



SecurityKISS is very easy to download and use. For newbie users, this service offers a free version with restrictions. The small issues include: no email client for the basic plan, limited privacy and slightly higher cost. There are wide ranges of common uses on offer and is a suitable VPN service for expats and people who love to play online games securely.


Update: 21/06/2016